Travel Channel’s Burger Land With George Motz Season 1 Is In The Books

Burger Land Filming at Pincho Factory

Burger Land Filming at Pincho Factory

Burger Land Season 1 comes to a close and I’ve added a bunch of new Burger Joints I need to hit up to my list. If you didn’t catch all of the episodes you can either get them through iTunes or as of right now (June 25th) they’re available On Demand too. If you’ve read George Motz’s Book Hamburger America then you’re familiar with some of the restaurants profiled in Season 1. The added twist on every episode is that one of his EBTs(Expert Burger Tasters) will suggest a new Burger for him to try that he’s never had at the end of every episode. In the Miami episode, I was the EBT and took him to Westchester to try Pincho Factory’s Tostone Burger. It was fun to see my bud The Rev on the NYC episode and Wiener and Still Champion get some air time on the Chicago one since I’m dying to eat there.

All I’ve got left to say is, when does Burger Land Season 2 air?

Below is the list of all the Burger Restaurants profiled in Season 1 of Burger Land.

Episode 1: New Jersey Sliders

Rossi’s Bar & Grill
White Manna
White Rose System

Episode 2: Wisconsin’s Burger Belt

Pete’s Hamburgers
Solly’s Grille
The Village Tavern

Episode 3: Hollywood Hamburgers

The Apple Pan
Charlie’s Coffee Shop
Pie ‘N Burger

Episode 4: Miami’s Cuban Frita

El Mago de las Fritas
El Rey de las Fritas
Latin Burger & Taco Truck
Pincho Factory

Episode 5: New Orleans Po’ Boy Burgers

Bozo’s Restaurant
Camellia Grill
Port of Call
Ted’s Frostop

Episode 6: Houston, We Have a Burger

Blake’s BBQ & Burgers
Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill
Stanton City Bites

Episode 7: New Mexico’s Green Chile Cheeseburgers

Bobcat Bite
Bode’s General Store
Owl Bar & Cafe
The Pantry

Episode 8: Old Miss Burgers

Bill’s Hamburgers
Lamar Lounge
Latham’s Hamburger Inn
Phillips Grocery

Episode 9: The Classics of NYC

Donovan’s Pub
J.G. Melon
Minetta Tavern

Episode 10: Tennessee Blues Burgers

Alex’s Tavern
Fat Mo’s

Episode 11: Carolina Style Burgers

Brook’s Sandwich House
The Diamond
Duke’s Grill
South 21

Episode 12: A Burger is Born

Harry’s Place
Louis’ Lunch
Shady Glen
Ted’s Restaurant

Episode 13: Windy City Burgers

Billy Goat Tavern
Kuma’s Corner
Top Notch Beefburgers
Wiener and Still Champion