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Frita Showdown To Find Best Frita Cubana En El Mundo

Frita Showdown

Burger Beast’s Frita Showdown is a competition to find the Best Frita Cubana in the World. What’s a Frita Cubana you say? It’s a dish that came over to South Florida in the early 1960’s after the Cuban government shut down all the Friteros (Frita Cubana Vendors) in Cuba. Fritas (pronounced free-tahs), are known to some as the Cuban Hamburger. It’s a mix of ground beef (sometimes Chorizo or Pork is added), seasonings (smoked paprika for sure), julienne cut potatoes or potato sticks, diced raw onions and sometimes ketchup (rumored to be tomato paste in Cuba) on a Cuban roll. It’s cooked on a flat top and not grilled over an open flame.

5 Frita Cubana Restaurants will square off at the Frita Showdown: Cuban Guys, El Mago De Las Fritas, El Rey De Las Fritas, Luis Galindo’s Latin American & Sergio’s. Our esteemed panel of judges (Univision’s Ingrid Hoffman, Eating House’s Giorgio Rapicavoli, Bread + Butter’s Alberto Cabrera & CREaM’s Randy Fisher) will choose a winner.

But that’s not all as what party is complete without Croquetas from Islas Canarias, snacks from Chifles, Ice Cream from Azucar Ice Cream Company and Desserts from Latin American Bakery & Cafe. Thirsty? How about a Materva or a Jupiña. Something a little stronger? How about a tasty and refreshing Hatuey Beer.

Frita Showdown at Magic City Casino

The Frita Showdown is taking place on Wednesday August 14th from 7-10PM at Magic City Casino. The $40 all-inclusive tickets include a Frita Cubana from each restaurant plus Snacks & Desserts with complimentary Soft Drinks and Beer. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend.Tickets for this Boutique Food Event are available now at the Frita Showdown website and are expected to sell out quick. Tickets are SOLD OUT.

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