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Fuego Lento – Kendall Florida – CLOSED

Fuego Lento BBQ in Kendall has only been open a little over a month in Kendall but seems to be slowly building a fan base. I felt a little overwhelmed once I walked in and that may have been partially or all attributed to the aroma coming from the smoker. It’s a very spacious dining area and they have FREE Wifi for you freeloaders.

I ordered with my eyes and ended up with way too much food for one person to consume.  Onion Straws, Bacon Mac n’ Cheese, and Hand-Cut Fries were my sides and the Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich, Fuego Lento BBQ Burger and St. Louis Spareribs Platter were my mains. I know, I went overboard. The Hand-Cut Fries were great but I’m not sure that I would order the Onion Straws or Bacon Mac n’ Cheese again. They weren’t bad just not memorable.

Onion Straws
Bacon Mac & Cheese
Bacon Mac & Cheese
Fresh Cut Fries
Hand-Cut Fries

The Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich on that slightly toasted Texas Toast was the biggest winner for me. It’s a definite must order dish. I stuffed some Fries into it and took it to another level. The Fuego Lento BBQ Burger was great but didn’t think it needed the Cole Slaw. I’m not a big fan of Cole Slaw to begin with and thought just the Pulled Pork and Bacon on top of this Burger would be enough. It came on the same slightly toasted Texas Toast bread which absorbed all the escaping Burger juices. Next time, a plain ‘ol Cheeseburger is in my future. The St. Loius Spareribs were smokey, soft and the final nail in the coffin for me. The Spareribs were very good but I couldn’t have more than 1 rib. I was just too full.

Brisket Sandwich w/Fries
Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich w/Fries
Fuego Lento Burger
Fuego Lento BBQ Burger
St. Louis Spareribs

There are a few more items I didn’t get to try like the Smoked Chicken and Pulled Chicken (available as Platters or Sandwiches) but those are on the agenda for the next visit. As for my leftover ribs, they found a home in my cousin Fred’s stomach.

No Seas Lento, Apurate Y Come:

Fuego Lento is CLOSED
10840 SW 104th Street Kendall, Florida 33176

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