A Few Days Worth of Marco Island & Naples Eats

Once a year my family heads over to Marco Island to get away for a week. It’s usually earlier in the summer and it coincides with my Dad’s birthday in July. This year it was the 3rd week of August. My parents spent the entire week at a home we had rented but my wife Marcela and I were just there for only a few days. We arrived a little later in the day than anticipated so I was starved, what’s new right? We placed an order at Joey’s which we always hit up and I made a stop at the Kwik Stop cause they’ve got Mexican Cokes, Jarritos and all that good jazz.

Kwik Stop's Jarritos & more

Kwik Stop’s Jarritos & more

Kwik Stop
227 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, FL 34145

Joey's Small Cheese Pizza

Joey’s Small Cheese Pizza

Joey's Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken

Joey’s Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

I love how misshapen that Joey’s pie is. I had one slice which was gooey cheezy good. It’d been a while since I had the Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken so I went with that. The Chicken had a real nice char-grilled taste to it. Great dish but it’ll set you back about $20, just a heads up.

Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House
257 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, FL

Nene's Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Nene’s Ham & Cheese Sandwich

My parents had breakfast at Nene’s Kitchen 3 times and one of the times Marcela went with them. They all raved about how delicious the breakfast was but I just wanted to stay in and watch reruns of American Pickers on that day. Somehow they decided to bring me a Ham & Cheese Sandwich instead of Breakfast. It was the perfect sandwich for a lazy weekday morning/afternoon but I would have preferred breakfast.

Nene’s Kitchen
297 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, FL 34145

Michelbob's Baked Beans

Michelbob’s Baked Beans

Michelbob's Baked Potato, Garlic Bread, Chicken Leg & Ribs

Michelbob’s Baked Potato, Garlic Bread, Chicken Leg & Ribs

And at last Michelbob’s is open when I’m in Marco Island. I never seem to be in town during their hours of operation which change during the seasons. This week it was open for only 2 hours a night (5-7pm). The fam settles on one of their Family Paks that brings BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Garlic Bread and Baked Beans. The Baked Potato was an extra side order. One of the racks (of the 3) of the Baby Backs had that nice burnt BBQ sauce crust, it was perfect. I preferred the Chicken Leg I had over the Ribs though. It was moist and still had the skin on which was a plus. As for the Baked Beans, they mostly tasted like their sweet BBQ sauce, a couple of spoonfuls and I was done with it. The Baked Potato and Garlic Bread rounded out the food and were serviceable sides.

Michelbob’s Championship Ribs
915 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, FL 34145

Pastrami Dan's Chili Cheese Dog

Pastrami Dan’s Chili Cheese Dog

Pastrami Dan's Pastrami Sandwich

Pastrami Dan’s Pastrami Wedge

I love Pastrami Dan’s. My parents also love Pastrami Dan’s after I brought them one of his Pastrami Wedges last year. My Dad was with me this time around so we shared a Pastrami Wedge and Chili Cheese Dog. I can not repeat enough times how imperative it is that you have one of these fellas. Mucho important y muy good. They’re only open Tues-Fri from 11AM to 4PM and on Sat from 11AM – 3PM so it might be tough for some of you to make it but you should definitely make the effort. Call beforehand because sometimes they close down for a week(s) at a time.

Pastrami Dan’s
586 9TH St N Naples, FL 34102

Culver's Coming Soon to Naples

Culver’s Coming Soon to Naples

A few months ago I wrote about Culver’s opening up shop in Naples. They’re known for their ButterBurgers and Custard. They should be open sometime in late September. Can’t wait.

Culver’s Coming Soon To
5775 Airport Pulling Rd N Naples, FL 34109

Brook's Gourmet Cheeseburger w/Fresh Cut Potato Chips

Brook’s Gourmet Cheeseburger w/Fresh Cut Potato Chips

Brook's Gourmet Burgers' Fire Fries

Brook’s Gourmet Burgers’ Fire Fries

Brooks’ Burgers & Dog is another restaurant I frequent when I’m in town. There’s a bunch of options for your Burger (this place was formerly Lindburgers) but I go semi-classic with mine, American Cheese & Bacon. Very good Burger with a nice fluffy Bun, you won’t go wrong here. Get the fresh thick cut Potato Chips as your side, you will thank me later for letting you know. There’s also a great app called Fire Fries (French Fries topped with melted Cheese, Blue Cheese crumbles and Hot Sauce). I’m thinking this dish might be even better with the fresh cut Potato Chips in place of the Fries. I wish I had thought of that while I was there.

Brooks’ Gourmet Burgers & Dogs
330 9th St S Naples, FL 34102

Joey's Sicilian Pizza

Joey’s Sicilian Pizza

After my attempts at ordering from Island Pizza were vetoed we settled on Joey’s again. This time we did Sicilian style Pizza with half getting the Pepperoni treatment and the other half just plain ol’ cheese. Yes, it’s as good as it looks.

Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House
257 N Collier Blvd Marco Island, FL

Michoacana in Naples

Michoacana in Naples

Michoacana's Paletas

Michoacana’s Paletas

Michoacana's Elote

Michoacana’s Elote

Spooning out the Elote

Spooning out the Elote

Michoacana's Vanilla Ice Cream

Michoacana’s Vanilla Ice Cream

I had eyed Michoacana Ice Cream on my drive to and from Naples on the previous day but the rain made it impossible to stop. On our way back to Miami, Marcela wanted to check out the Thrift Store in the same strip mall as Michoacana so it was on. There’s a bunch of Ice Cream and Paletas to choose from, 30 actually. They also had Elote but it’s not served on the husk. My cup of Elote had Mayo, Powdered Cheese, Chili Powder and of course Kernels of Corn. This Mexican Street Food staple was right on point. What I didn’t expect from Michoacana was how great their Vanilla Ice Cream was. It reminded of Cake Batter. Marcela had the Pistachio Ice Cream and raving about it. Worth checking out for a snack or dessert.

Michoacana Ice Cream
11520 Tamiami Trail East Naples, FL 34113

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  1. Bill Adkins

    September 23, 2015 at 3:10 PM

    I read with interest the information from 2013 on Naples Florida. I will be there for a week during Thanksgiving. I will be with a group that has more money than God. I am not burdened with that so I would like information on places that are good to eat that do not cause me to have to sell blood to survive. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Consider that I will be there for about a week and probably never be there again