Michoacana Ice Cream – Naples, Florida

Michoacana in Naples

Michoacana in Naples

I had eyed Michoacana Ice Cream on my drive to and from Naples on the previous day but the rain made it impossible to stop. On our way back to Miami, my wife Marcela wanted to check out the Thrift Store in the same strip mall as Michoacana so it was on.

There’s a bunch of Ice Cream and Paletas to choose from, 30 actually. They also had Elote but it’s not served on the husk. My cup of Elote had Mayo, Powdered Cheese, Chili Powder and of course Kernels of Corn. This Mexican Street Food staple was right on point.

What I didn’t expect from Michoacana was to find out how great their Vanilla Ice Cream is. It reminded of Cake Batter. Marcela ate the Pistachio Ice Cream and raved about it. It’s definitely worth checking out for a snack or dessert if you’re n the area.

Michoacana's Paletas

Michoacana’s Paletas

Michoacana's Elote

Michoacana’s Elote

Spooning out the Elote

Spooning out the Elote

Michoacana's Vanilla Ice Cream

Michoacana’s Vanilla Ice Cream

Michoacana Ice Cream
11520 Tamiami Trail East Naples, FL 34113