Burgers & Suds – Pompano Beach, Florida

Burgers & Suds opened up rather quietly in mid-February 2013 with very little fanfare replacing a burrito spot. A friend of mine ate at Burgers & Suds during National Hamburger Month in May and gave it a ringing endorsement so I added it to my “Burger Queue”. A couple of months later Jeff Eats visited and also took a liking to it, that of course meant that it moved up to become one of my must tries. So there it sat for a few months till one day I said to myself, let’s do this. Let’s being the cumulative me of course.

I was really caught off guard by the looks of Burgers & Suds when I pulled up (they have since moved from the original location in Oakland Park to Pompano Beach). It’s in the middle of a renovation, that’s something the owner made sure to tell me when I mentioned that Jeff Eats post brought me there. Yes, it’s divey and a hole in the wall but that also brings with it a charm that endears it more to me than another slick overly thought out Burger restaurant. I had done my homework before driving up from Miami and reviewed the menu online.  The Pizza & Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs sounded like great ideas if I had someone else with me, which I didn’t. I settled on their Knockout Chicken Wings tossed in Hot Sauce although they were more like drizzled in it. These were great crispy grilled Wings with a very bright tasting Hot Sauce. I wasn’t more than 3 wings in when my Burger and Fries arrived.

My first instincts were to order a Patty Melt. Yes, Patty Melts do count as Burgers regardless of what some folks think. Burger & Suds’ Patty Melt description reads like this: Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onions, thousand island dressing, served on marble rye bread. The additions of Mushrooms & Thousand Island dissuaded me from ordering it, I’m a Patty Melt purist. I go with the 1/2 Pounder Burger w/American Cheese and hold the Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle. The Fries are topped with a nice seasoning that makes me eat them at such a pace that I almost forget there’s a Burger on the plate too. First, bite in and there’s a great crunch coming from the toasted bun. It tastes like an awesome summertime Burger. By that I mean, the char-grilled flavor comes through and puts me in a grilling state of mind. It’s a solid Burger, no complaints here.

Anybody out there in Burger Beast land been here? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. Us being the cumulative me of course, lol

Not A Burger Dud:

Burgers & Suds
360 SE 15th St Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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  1. mookie


    the new location of burgers and sud on mcnab road pompano is having a problem paying the employees there the checks are bouncing like a ball and the owner is showing any intention of paying them.


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