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Swank Southern Kitchen – Davie, Florida – CLOSED

Swank Southern Kitchen - Davie, Florida

Swank Southern Kitchen is part of this Southern Food resurgence that has finally found its way to South Florida. I went in solo which kinda limited how many things I was gonna order off of the menu (not really).

Just on first impressions, the restaurant itself is beautiful. Let’s hope the food matches the decor.

As always I went overboard with the starters and chose the 18 Hour Pulled Pork Sliders, Shells & Cheese, S’Wings & the Cornbread. The Sliders were great and with the added crunch of the Slaw & toasted Rolls, it was a winner in my book. You say tomato….the Shells & Cheese or Mac & Cheese as it is best known to us common folk hit the right Cheese notes but nothing new here that’s going to make you break down the door asking for more. Excellent Wings with an equally excellent Blue Cheese Dip and a buttery Corn Bread made for some other good choices to start your meal.

Pulled Pork Sliders
18 Hour Pulled Pork Sliders w/Blood Orange Mojo, Buttermilk Slaw, & House Pickles
Mac & Cheese
Shells & Cheese w/Aged Vermont Cheddar, Pecorino, Bacon, & Herb Garlic Breadcrumbs
S’Wings w/6 Crispy Chicken Wings, Swank Gold Sauce & Smokey Blue Cheese Dip
Corn Bread

And just when you thought it was turning out to be a pretty good meal, enter Burger. It was a Pimento Burger to be exact. All the toppings (Pimento Cheese, Bacon, House Pickles, Onion Marmalade) were off the charts but the Burger itself was barely trending. It’s a shame this really could have been a great find. If I didn’t know any better it was not a fresh patty. The grind was just off which is normally the dead giveaway…..well, that and taste. I liked the Fresh Cut Fries but they couldn’t save the platter.

Swank Cheeseburger
Pimento Burger w/Pimento Cheese, Bacon, House Pickles, Onion Marmalade & served with Hand Cut Fries

I probably should have been a little more Southern with the choice of either the Country Fried Steak or the Short Rib Meatloaf signatures but when I see a Pimento Burger on a menu I act. The problem is the dice didn’t roll in my favor this time.

Swank Southern Kitchen is CLOSED
4196 S University Dr Davie, FL 33328

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