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Gypsy Kitchen

Gypsy Kitchen on Eat St.

The two guys (that’s The Indian & The Gringo to you) from Gypsy Kitchen were quite the characters and the dudes could cook too. The truck is not around any longer unfortunately but their dishes will live on in Street Food Immortality on the program Eat St. which captured their spirit perfectly. Here’s the trailer for the episode Gypsy Kitchen was featured in:

Original Post that was on BurgerBeast.com – June 12, 2012.

Wandering souls starve no more!

Gypsy Kitchen emerged during the strong wave of new trucks in 2011, but unlike many who have fallen the Indian and his team have kept the quality and creativity up. I visited Gypsy Kitchen during the Food Trucks at Arts Park in Hollywood Event.

Gypsy Kitchen Menu

Gypsy Kitchen Menu

After browsing the menu I decided on a few items. This was harder than it sounds because everything looked amazing and the smells coming out of the kitchen had my mouth watering!


Rice Balls

First up, Rice balls – These were delicious crunchy balls of rice with a creamy goodness going on inside similar to the consistency of mac-n-cheese without cheese. The dipping sauce was a refreshing combination of Indian yogurt, cilantro and mint. I really could have filled up on these!


Kickin’ Vegan Kimchee Lo Mein

Next up, Kickin’ Vegan Kimchee Lo Mein – This spicy bowl of lo mein noodles, onions, kimchee cabbage topped with scallions was like nothing I have ever tasted before. The spice, crunch and bright pop of flavor from the chopped scallions made my mouth very happy!

Don’t let this gorgeous dish fool you, it packs a punch! Luckily my refreshing Ginger Limeade was ice cold and ready to quench the fire in my mouth. I swear The Indian flavored this to compliment his dishes because the bright kick of ginger and the sour lime all sweetened to perfection tasted as if the drink was made for the food. I wanted to ask him to sell me a gallon of this stuff!


Ginger Limeade

Finally – and I say that with the emotion of exhaustion from being so full and happy! I tried the fried rice topped with a runny egg.


Fried Rice

While it wasn’t as wildly flavored as the rice balls and lo mein, Gypsy Kitchen has a solid fried rice recipe on their hands. And let’s face it, you top anything with a runny fried egg and it just takes it to another level.

Take my advice, the next time you hear about a food truck event get out of your house, into your car and get in the line at Gypsy Kitchen. This truck really has something for everyone, veggies, chicken, pork, spicy, non-spicy and yes, they have dessert too!

Check Out The Gypsies:

Gypsy Kitchen is CLOSED
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