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Preservation – Sunny Isles, Florida – CLOSED

Every summer when I was a kid my family would spend a week at the Golden Strand on Sunny Isles. The highlight of the vacation for me was driving past the Krispy Kreme Doughnut factory and trying to convince my parents to stop. Were we still to go there I’d probably say that my highlight now would consist of a visit to Preservation.

An amuse-bouche of deep fried pickles arrived shortly after ordering. I’m not a big fan of pickles and I don’t subscribe to the theory that deep frying everything makes it better so I was a little hesitant to try it. I was pleasantly surprised, I thought they were great.


I’ve been working on expanding my beer horizons so during the 1st half of the meal I had a Florida Lager and then the Dragon Stout. I preferred the Florida Lager but I wouldn’t be dead set against having another Dragon Stout in the right situation.



I wasn’t prepared mentally for the Brisket Chili when it arrived. There was some heat and it was creeping up on me the entire time I was eating. All those necessary “Chili flavors” were there, you know, the ones you need. The Brisket was tender and consumed by the smokey bath. The last comment almost sounded pornographic and the Chili yielded that kind of pleasure. Boom.


The Short Rib Tacos were served in warm doubled-up soft Corn Tortillas with a Jardiniere Relish and sides of Cilantro Crema & Salsa. I added just a touch of the Cilantro Crema to the 1st and only Taco I ended up eating. I didn’t stop at one because they were bad but on the contrary, I wanted to eat all 3. I still needed to leave space for my Burger and Fries. The other 2 were packed up and brought home to my wife who loved them.



Take a look at this description for the Burger: Grilled, Berkshire Bacon, Sharp Cheddar, Onion Compote, Hickory Island on Pretzel Bun. Does it make your mouth water? I just kept staring at how beautiful this Burger and Fries looked. It seemed like a crime to disturb them. Preservation is not playing Burger games here, I mean even the buns are made in house. This is some serious business. The Burger and Fries were a religious experience. I’ll leave it at that.



I would love to tell you that I also enjoyed an incredible Dessert but I couldn’t even finish my Fries. I did purchase a couple of the preserves they make like the Apple Pie Butter and Strawberry Habanero Jam which should hold me off until my next visit.

Preservation Burger, I miss you already.

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Preservation is CLOSED
18250 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles, Florida 33160

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