I’m Also The Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe Guy #tbt #throwbackthursday


Before I was known as the Burger Beast most folks knew me as the guy from Oh, The Horror.

Approximately 11 years I shut down the only brick & mortar business I’ve owned, Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe (once at 9526 Bird Road in Westchester). My idea for a small independent DVD store that focused on Independent, Cult & Horror films did not go over well with my family, especially when I laid the name on them.

The store became known more for carrying T-Shirts, Posters and Merchandise associated with obscure and pop culture films. It was one of the few places you could find Nightmare Before Christmas merch before it became over commercialized. If it wasn’t for our website and ebay sales we may have only lasted 6 months.

We made a good run of it for 2 years but my idea was either a little ahead of its time and/or in the wrong place. Notice I’m not saying it was a bad idea because I don’t think it was. If there had been all these great social media vehicles to promote it back then, it’s possible OTH would still be around. I always think, what could I have done differently and it’s one of those things that will always be running through my head.

I unfortunately lost all the pictures I had when my computer crashed 8 years ago but through the wayback machine I was able to get a copy of the logo and storefront picture. You can see Lesther standing there through the front door, who was our Employee of the Month every month. I’ve still got the John Malkovich cardboard face that is directly under the “9526”.

One of my friends (I don’t remember who) took a picture of their Oh, The Horror T-shirt and just today David Arrate a former customer sent me a picture of the business card. In case you were wondering G.A. Echevarria was my late grandfather.

Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe Storefront
The Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe T-Shirt
The Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe T-Shirt
Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe Business Card
Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe Business Card

Oh, The Horror had 3 articles come out in the paper. The 1st was in the Business section of El Nuevo Herald, go figure. And later on in Street (Miami Herald’s New Times knockoff) and the Neighbors section of the Miami Herald. If I can dig them up I will add them below.

El Nuevo Herald Article From 2000
El Nuevo Herald Article From 2000

Better late than never thanks for Oh, The Horror DVD Shoppe:

Alberto Llerena, Lesther Rizzo, Ivonne Berkowitz, Emilio Garcia, Ericka McNally, Berman McNally, Fred Soler, Erick Roque, and Ivan Gutierrez.

And of course my wife Marcela, my Uncle Gregorio, my Parents and late Grandparents who were the ones who helped me make it happen.

One last one, David Rojo for being my first customer!

June 2017 UPDATE:

My father found a full set of business cards from Oh, The Horror at the end of 2016.

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