Luis Galindo Latin American Takes Over La Casona Spot

Luis Galindo - Kendall Coming Soon

One of my favorite spots for Cuban Comfort Food, Luis Galindo Latin American is opening up their 3rd location in Kendall. The other two locations are in Westchester (10700 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33165) and West Miami (898 SW 57th Ave, West Miami, FL 33144). They’re taking over the spot where La Casona (9606 Sunset Dr Miami, FL 33173) was right across the street from Latin House Grill and Sweetness Bakeshop.

Galindo’s is currently in the process of switching over from the old Casona Menu to to theirs. So yes, they’re open but should be completely converted in a couple of weeks. My sister lives right down the street from here and she can’t wait. I’m excited for her and you Kendall folks, there are some great Croquetas & Cuban Sandwiches coming your way.