King Of Racks BBQ Food Truck

King of Racks BBQ

King of Racks BBQ

Just a few weeks back I started following King of Racks BBQ’s whereabouts on Twitter. Once it seemed that they had settled into a semi-permanent schedule I decided it was time to check them out. Their pretty regular schedule is Thursday through Sunday at 107th and Kendall Drive. The hours vary but they can be there as early as 4PM and as late as 4 or 5AM on some nights. If you follow him on Twitter or Facebook you should be good to go.

I tried everything on the menu from the Redneck Mexican Tacos to a Queen Rack of Ribs (sorry guys, I was too stuffed to go for the King). The Redneck Mexican Tacos are 2 soft tacos filled with Brisket, Mozzarella, Slaw, and Onions. The Brisket Sandwich is served on a French Roll w/Brisket, Feta Cheese, Grilled Onions & Slaw. Mama’s Beer Dog is cooked in Beer, sliced in half and then deep fried. It’s a great all beef dog and you also add Grilled Onions and/or Sauerkraut. I went Grilled Onions and some mustard. And the Queen Rack of Ribs was sauced just right and fall off the bone smokey goodness. The only miss for me was the Chicken Strips and the Squibbs BBQ Sandwich. If they had gone the smoked BBQ Chicken route it would have been a grand slam kinda meal.

King of Racks' Menu (click to enlarge)

King of Racks’ Menu (click to enlarge)

King of Racks' Redneck Mexican Tacos

King of Racks’ Redneck Mexican Tacos

King of Racks' Brisket Sandwich

King of Racks’ Brisket Sandwich

King of Racks' Mama's Beer Dog

King of Racks’ Mama’s Beer Dog

King of Rack's BBQ - Queen Rack

King of Rack’s BBQ – Queen Rack

King of Racks' Chicken Strips

King of Racks’ Chicken Strips

King of Racks' Sandwich

King of Racks’ Squibs BBQ Chicken Sandwich

On my second visit to King of Rack’s BBQ, it seems that he’d brought a friend. Big Red’s Pizza is now set up right next to them. Well, not right next to them cause there’s a seating area for patrons separating the two food trailers now. Big Red’s Pizza is run by the folks from Mike’s Pizza in Kendall. I’ve never been to Mike’s so I get a Pepperoni Pizza Slice and the Chicken Parm Sub. It’s a good neighborhood pizza joint slice but I really dug the Chicken Parm Sub. I see there’s a Meatball Parm on the menu also but that’ll be for next time. One last thing, there’s a secret menu item too. I would tell you about it but it’s a secret, that’s also on my agenda for the next visit. Big Red’s Pizza is now CLOSED

Big Red's Pizza

Big Red’s Pizza

Big Red's Pizza Menu (click to enlarge)

Big Red’s Pizza Menu (click to enlarge)

Big Red's Pizza - Chicken Parm Sub

Big Red’s Pizza – Chicken Parm Sub

Top Shot of the Chicken Parm Sub

Top Shot of the Chicken Parm Sub

Big Red's Pepperoni Pizza Slice

Big Red’s Pepperoni Pizza Slice

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  1. SuzyQuzey

    December 16, 2013 at 10:16 PM

    A slice of pizza is $3.50? Seriously?