Order The Yelp All Over Broward & Palm Beach

Order The Yelp

Yelp has partnered with a bunch of restaurants in Broward & Palm Beach for “Order The Yelp”. During the month of January go to any of the restaurants listed below and you’ll be able to order Yelp-inspired dishes and drinks. And if you check in through their mobile app while you’re there, there will also be a discount in it for you.

Order The Yelp Menu Items:

1st Street Deli:
Yelp Five-Star French Toast – Crispy stuffed French toast with Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana. Topped with a dark chocolate drizzle.

Atlantic Surf Club:
Yelp In A Jar (Cheesecake) – Cheesecake in a jar with fresh strawberries in Grand Marnier and vanilla creme anglaise.

Yelpito (Mojito) – Fresh Mint, Fresh Basil, Fresh lime, our Dada mint infused simple syrup, Tito’s homemade Vodka, a small squirt of our Celery Shrub, topped off with soda water.

Dubliner – Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale:
Yelp’s Bursting Mac & Cheese – Dubliner’s famous Mac & Cheese topped with breadcrumbs, Bacon and Truffle oil, with a hint of Guinness.

Green Bar & Kitchen:
Detoxing Yelpie (Smoothie) – Ice, Coconut water, Spinach or kale , Spiriluna, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut oil, Bee Pollen (optional)

Himmareshee Public House:
Yelp Nachos – Roasted Pulled Pork, Queso Fresco, Pickled Red Onions, Avocado Creama

Hot & Soul:
Yelp Craw Balls (Appetizer) – Perfectly fried crawfish balls with homemade creole mustard sauce.

Italio – Fort Lauderdale & Boca:
Yelpiadina (Pasta) – Piadina, Traditional Pasta, Sauteed Peppers and Onions, Italian Sausage, Spicy Prima Rosa, Arugula, Mozzarella Cheese

Pork Fried Yelp (Fried Rice) – Korean BBQ Pork Fried Rice with egg, onion and scallions.

Los Verdes:
Yelp Dog (Hotdog) – Nathans hot dog, mozzarella cheese and bacon with coleslaw on top. They add some crushed potato chips on top too!

Mack House:
Yelp BPB Belgian – A hoppy Belgian with fresh Florida grapefruit.

Mojo Donuts:
Yelp’s True Blue Donut – Blueberry cake donut with pistachios and a lemon drizzle.

NY Grilled Cheese Co:
Fifth Avenue Yelp (Grilled Cheese)- Our made-to-order chicken tenders, muenster cheese, american cheese and pepper jam aioli with crispy bacon between two buttery country loaves.

Riverside Market:
Yelpwich – Grilled Tomatoes, Wet Mozzarella, Basil Leaves, Thinly Sliced Prosciutto, Balsamic Reduction, Pesto, on Ciabatta, pressed on the Panini press

Rok Brgr:
Yelp Cowboy Burger – Chuck & Brisket Blend, topped with Pulled Pork, Aged Cheddar, Coleslaw, Fried Onions on a Brioche Roll served with Bourbon BBQ on the side.

Call For Yelp! (Sushi Roll) – Tuna, salmon, escolar, cooked spinach, kanikama and tobiko in a cucumber wrap with spicy yuzu balsamic.

Southern Swank Kitchen:
Yelp’s Blue Chicken & Waffles – Buffalo Chicken & Waffles with a Blue cheese drizzle.

If you’re a member of the Yelp community there are also some FREE events but you must RSVP at each individual event page for it and receive a confirmation too.

January 7 – Order The Yelp Kick Off Party – Atlantic Surf Club
January 22 – A Call For Yelp @ SAIA
January 13 – Yelpianda @ Italio (Fort Lauderdale)
January 29 – Closing Party @ Swank

To read the details, check out the Order The Yelp Event Page.