Anne Burrell Answers Some Questions About #SoBeWFF Medianoches & Mixology

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I know some people who know some people and through those folks I was able to get in contact with Food Network star Anne Burrell in the hopes that she could answer some question about the Botran’s Medianoches & Mixology presented by Smithfield at Wynwood Walls hosted by Anne Burrell and Emilio Estefan, try saying that quickly in one breath.

Since I’m curating this event I hope to see some of you at Medianoches & Mixology. Where else will you be able to have Medianianoches from Cuban Guys, Daddy’s Grill, El Exquisito & Los Bobos OR Medianoches with a Twist from Bread + Butter Counter & Latin House Burger & Taco OR a Cuban Sandwich from Luis Galindo Latin American OR an Elena Ruz Sandwich from Chef Adrianne OR Empanadas from Wynwood Kitchen & Bar OR eat at the Croqueta Bar by Islas Canarias OR have Ice Cream by Azucar Ice Cream Company, Churros & Hot Chocolate from Churromania & Flan de Coco and a Cuban-style Tiramisu from Sweetness Bakeshop?

Getting back to what this post was originally about, my girl Anne B did answer the questions so check it out:

BB: What’s your preference, a Cuban Sandwich or a Medianoche? Please choose wisely.

AB: It depends on what time of day it is…

BB: What do you think about all this hubbub that Tampa created the Cuban Sandwich? You couldn’t possibly be siding with them, could you? lol

AB: A lot of things that are mainstream menu items have been created in unexpected places. They say, the Caesar Salad was created in Mexico, but it’s served on every Italian menu. I don’t care where the Cuban Sandwich was invented, I just like it!

BB: What attracted you to the Medianoches & Mixology at Wynwood Walls Event?

AB: It’s sandwiches and cocktails… Hello? Two of my favorite things!

BB: How are you handling the pressure of knowing you are going to select the Best Medianoche of the night?

AB: With great reverence, care and an open stomach.

BB: So, how many years have you been a part of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival?

AB: I believe this is my 7th year.

BB: You know I always see you walking around at Burger Bash, are you planning to hit it up right before Medianoches & Mixology at Wynwood Walls? Can I tag along?

AB: I’m a judge at Burger Bash and then I’m going straight to Medianoches & Mixology, so it’s a day I’m really going to have to prime my stomach up for major league eating. I guess it’s all salads the day before!

BB: Any other #SoBeWFF Events that you’re involved with?

AB: I have a demo on Sunday, February 23rd from 1:30 – 2:15 pm followed by a book signing.

BB: I was flipping through your new book, Own Your Kitchen: Recipes to Inspire & Empower and I gotta tell you, that Ricotta Flan recipe looks ridiculous. But I have to ask you, did you choose the photographer just because his last name is Bacon? It’s ok, you can come clean to me.

AB: The name ‘Bacon’ definitely didn’t hurt in my decision who my photographer would be and that probably tipped him over to be the absolute perfect choice. There were a couple of other reasons. For one, he is not only amazingly talented, but he’s Australian and looks a little like Paul McCartney… wink wink.

BB: On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about hanging out with me? Please take under consideration before scoring that I smell good and I’m very funny.

AB: An absolute 11!

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