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Remember The 2 White Castles In Miami? Probably Not

Whenever I mention that White Castle existed in Miami, most folks think I’m confused with Royal Castle but I’m not. I own a book called By The Sackful and in it, on page 104 there’s this:

A White Castle-shaped spaceship landing pad in Miami! Billy Ingram retired to Miami in 1958 and built three Castles there. The design of this location echoed the space age angles and the futuristic and glittering glass walls of the big hamburger chains that had sprung up to compete with White Castle in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The company closed the Florida operations in 1967 due to inefficient supply distribution.

This was my starting point to finding information on the mythical existence of White Castle in Miami.

In February of 2013 I came across this ad posted in the Miami Archives blog:

White Castle Ad

The Best part is it listed the two addresses, click on the address to find out what’s there now:

North Miami Beach location: 1199 N. Miami Beach Blvd. (N.E. 163rd St.)

Miami location: 2698 West Flagler Street (at SW 27th)

After scouring the Miami News archives I found this article dated November 12, 1958 talking about White Castle’s expansion into Miami. It also mentions that the White Castle Office/Warehouse was located at 3250 NW 38th Street.

Miami New 11-12-1958
Miami News 11-12-1958

Even though the book mentions the existence of 3 locations I can only verify the two above.

The best thing I found? Pictures! Yes, I found pictures of the two White Castles in Miami. Check these puppies out:

Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
North Miami Beach Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location
Miami Location

If you liked this post, then check back next week when I’ll be talking about the Burger Castle chain in Miami. Burger Castle? Exactly.

All White Castle images courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society.

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