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Win A Pair Of VIP Tickets To Sprung! Spring Beer Festival

Sprung 2014 Header

I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve already purchased your tickets for next weekend’s Sprung! Spring Beer Festival and now you figure, what the hell I’ll try winning the tix for my cheapskate family member.

Or maybe, you see a contest and you can’t help yourself, you need more tickets cause you’re hoarder.

It could also be that you’re looking to increase your entourage so when you arrive everyone will be like, who’s that?

More than likely though, you can’t resist talking a selfie with a beer. I can’t.

So it’s very simple, this is an Instagram contest. Don’t have it? Then you better download it.

What we’re, the cumulative we’re (as in Sprung! and BB) going to be needing is a selfie with your favorite beer on Instagram. Then make sure to tag @IGotSprung and @BurgerBeast and while you’re at it, throw in #IGotSprung.

Let us recap for those who can not grasp what’s going on.

1) Selfie with Beer on Instagram

2) Tag @IGotSprung

3) Tag @BurgerBeast

4) Add #IGotSprung

5) Contest ends on Friday February 28th at Noon when the Sprung! head honcho chooses the winner.

6) Happy ending for the winner. A feeling of satisfaction for everyone else.

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