Top 10 Hot Dogs in South Florida


This is my Top 10 South Florida Hot Dogs list. There are some good dogs to be had so go out and have ’em!

Most Honorable Of Mentions) Arbetter’s (Westchester): I grew up eating Arbetter’s Chili Cheese Dogs, and I don’t feel comfortable excluding them from the Top 10 because there’s the whole nostalgia factor to consider. If I didn’t mention Arbetter’s at all, I’m sure my parent’s neighbors in Westchester would scale a full-on pots & pans assault on me. And we can’t have that. So let’s do this, go to Arbetter’s, order a Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Dog and enjoy supporting a Miami Landmark. It’ll do your soul some good.

Arbetters' Chili Cheese Dogs

Arbetter’s Chili Cheese Dogs

10) House Of Dog (NO LONGER OPEN): Should I assume House of Dog named a Dog after a Ninja cause the flavors take you by surprise? Well we know what happens when you assume, remember that time at that party a few years back? Yup, anyways, back to the Dog at hand. The Ninja Dog is topped with Mushrooms, Pineapple, Teriyaki Sauce and Wasabi Mayo. This Hot Dog is so good it makes me want to hide and scare the crap out of somebody….anybody……Ninja-style!

House of Dog's Ninja

House of Dog’s Ninja

9) Sweet Dogs (Miami): I love Sweet Dog’s Dolphin. No, it’s not made of Dolphin but named after Miami’s famous football franchise and unlike them, this dog’s a winner. ZING! Alright, I’m messing around, don’t kill me. The Dolphin is topped with Grilled Ham, Smoked Bacon, Melted Mozzarella Cheese, Pineapple, their House-made Sauce and way too many of those little potato sticks for my liking (lol). The real question at hand is can you have only one?

Sweet Dogs' The Dolphin

Sweet Dogs’ The Dolphin

8) Sakaya Kitchen (Midtown): Sakaya Kitchen’s got a Hot Dog? It does and it’s named the KDog. Imagine a Nathan’s all beef Dog with Sakaya’s House-made Kimchi Slaw, their House-made Mustard & some Tater Tops lining the top. Now that you’ve imagined it I can tell you the real version tastes better than what you’ve created in your head.

Sakaya Kitchen's K-Dog

Sakaya Kitchen’s K-Dog

7) Jersey Dawg (NO LONGER OPEN): Jersey Dawg is known for his Rippers and I’m not talking about the gaseous after-effects of a night of eating tacos. Rippers are deep fried Hot Dogs. This style of preparing the dog is a New Jersey staple. I like mine with a little bit of Chili & Cheese, I mean who doesn’t? Don’t forget to add the deli mustard too. And some onions. That’s it, carry on.

Jersey Dawg's Chili Cheese Ripper

Jersey Dawg’s Chili Cheese Ripper

6) PS561 (Food Truck): I’m not sure who he is, but Ron must be pretty f’in cool to have PS561 name a Hot Dog after him. The Principal Ron Dog is topped with Goat Cheese, Bacon & BBQ Sauce on a fresh baked roll. You must be thinking, what a weird combination? I thought the same thing till I had one. Now, I wish Ron had been my principal too.

PS561's The Principal Ron

PS561’s The Principal Ron

5) Rock That Burger (Kendall): Once upon a time Rock That Burger was a Food Truck known as the Yellow Submarine. Another upon a time the Paradise City Dog was known as the Yellow Dog. Rock That Burger’s Paradise City is the quintessential Colombian style Hot Dog. The Alarcon family hit the nail on the head with this Hot Dog. P.S.: I’m starting a petition to call it the Yellow Dog again.

Rock That Burger's Hotel California

Rock That Burger’s Hotel California

4) BurgerFi (Tons of Places): It seems as if every time I eat at BurgerFi I order a Burger and some of their fresh cut Fries. While enjoying my meal I realize that I forgot to order the Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog, now that is a major mistake. It’s on the level of forgetting to put on a glove when removing something from the oven. Yup, now you get the picture.

BurgerFi's Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog

BurgerFi’s Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog

3) Hot Diggity Dogs (Dania Beach): I don’t eat Chicago Dogs often but if I’m in the mood, I head to Hot Diggity Dogs & More in Dania Beach. If you’re from Chicago you’ll feel right at home with all the Vienna product and you’ll enjoy some of the best service I’ve had at a Mom & Pop shop in South Florida.

Hot Diggity Dog's Chicago Dog

Hot Diggity Dog’s Chicago Dog

2) HotDogOPolis (Boca Raton): Have you heard of HotDogOpolis’ The Peking? How could you say no to a Hot Dog wrapped in Duck Bacon & topped with Hoisin Sauce, Pineapple Sauce, & Scallions? I certainly couldn’t.

HotDogOpolis' The Peking

HotDogOpolis’ The Peking

1) Pincho Factory (NO LONGER SELL HOT DOGS): While I’m standing in line to order at Pincho Factory, their Chipotle Dog is always dancing in my head. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! But I can’t so I always order a Chipotle Dog when I’m there. If you see that I don’t, you have my permission to put owner Nedal Ahmad under citizen’s arrest for mental abuse.

Pincho Factory's Chipotle Dog

Pincho Factory’s Chipotle Dog

Comments (4):

  1. Wynne Kalish


    The one time I had a Jersey Dawg at the Magic Casino Event, the hot dog itself had as much flavor as a piece of cardboard. Maybe it was just a bad batch of dogs.

    • You’re not accustomed to the taste of that particular dog, it’s different.

  2. Tom Coticchio


    soon from Rochester, New York the Zweigle hot dog in natural casing by American
    Dog food truck you have your choice of red or white. No one can compete with
    these hot dogs.

  3. Kathryn Cohen


    GOURMET KILLER DOGS in Delray Beach, FL serves up the BIGGEST & BEST “Ripper” style dogs around!


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