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Blue Plate Cafe – Memphis, Tennessee

Blue Plate Cafe - Memphis, Tennessee

The Blue Plate Cafe was less than a mile from the hotel we were staying at in Memphis. The night before eating here we had driven up and down the street, it was on just taking in all the dining options near us.

The menu comes in the form of a newspaper and the look of the restaurant is like the inside of someone’s home (I believe there were 4 rooms). I also remember reading somewhere that Blue Plate Cafe was a private residence at one time built by the founder of Holiday Inn. There are also paintings by local artists for sale on the walls which I thought was pretty cool.

The Menu
The Menu
Part of the Dining Area
Part of the Dining Area

I order my cup of Coffee, Cream & Sugar comes on the side as was expected. It didn’t take very long to decide what I was having when I saw the platter with Country Ham on the menu. I added some Sausage cause who could really get enough of those guys in the morning.

Cup o' Joe
Cup o’ Joe

The fresh baked Biscuits arrived at the table along with some of Blue Plate Cafe’s heavily peppered Sausage Gravy. A couple of Biscuits were included as part of my meal and I was with two of my friends, hence the 6 Biscuits in the picture. I only ate one of my Biscuits because I expected the Country Ham to do me in. The Gravy was better than the Biscuit but that shouldn’t dissuade you from having that combo.

Biscuit topped with Gravy
Biscuit topped with Gravy, Not Open Faced, I know…

Can I just say that I thought my breakfast was perfect? Alright, it was perfect. If you’re going to have the Country Ham please remember that it’s salty which is part of its charm. The Sausage Patties were a little overdone but still had that great Country Sausage flavor, that wasn’t a complaint by the way. Those Hash Browns were just killer, loved ’em.

Country Ham
Country Ham
Breakfast Platter
Breakfast Platter

This was the breakfast I was hoping to have at the Blue Plate Cafe so I’m glad I did. Great service too.

Start Your Day At:

Blue Plate Cafe
5469 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38119

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