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Gibson’s Donuts – Memphis, Tennessee

Gibson's Donuts - Memphis, Tennessee

I didn’t walk into Gibson’s Donuts with the correct plan of attack. Normally, I’d take a seat and sample of a couple of donuts with a cup of joe by my side but we had just finished having breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe with an impromptu early lunch at Dyer’s which left the guys down for the count. We took a box of donuts with us plus another box to fit in my giant Apple Fritter and one of the jelly stuffed logs John chose.

The Counter at Gibson's Donuts
The Counter at Gibson’s Donuts
Box of Donuts to go
Box of Donuts to go

I don’t know if maybe it was the college dorm atmosphere in our hotel room but I dared Ed to down the 4 different Jelly Donuts thinking there was no way he would even consider it. I was wrong and that wasn’t a very good idea, well, for him at least. I considered calling a priest in for last rites.

The Maple Bacon Donut was just as great as it looked. I didn’t even bite the Cream Cheese Frosted Red Velvet as the Apple Fritter was calling to me and I can’t ever refuse its charms. And I didn’t want to end up like Ed regretting my donuts decisions.

Maple Bacon Donut
Maple Bacon Donut
Cream Cheese Frosted Red Velvet Donut
Cream Cheese Frosted Red Velvet Donut
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter

Let’s hope at some point in this lifetime I get to hit up Gibson’s Donuts one more time and enjoy it as a total experience. The Donuts were great, the people were very friendly and I feel like this is the type of Donut Shop I’d like to own one day.

Gibson’s Donuts
760 Mount Moriah Rd Memphis, TN 38117

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