My Thoughts On The New Fresh Cut Fries From Shake Shack


I love the Shack Burger but always felt the Crinkle Cut Fries didn’t match up to main course at Shake Shack. And then, I heard rumblings that they were testing out Fresh Cut Fries and when they finally launched, it was nowhere near us. It prompted me to write Shake Shack a letter. Funny enough, they actually responded in the comments area.

Potato Propaganda

Potato Propaganda

True to their word, Shake Shack Fresh Cut Fries debuted on Wednesday May 14th at the Coral Gables & Boca Raton locations. Obviously Shake Shack does not like its South Beach location. Just kidding, I have no confirmation of that, lol

Last night (May 15th) I made my way to my nearest Shake Shack after I told my wife I was going out to put gas in my car, I’m not kidding. I ordered a Shack Burger (duh) and one order of the fresh cuts and another with the Cheese sauce.

Fresh Cut Fries

Fresh Cut Fries

Shake Shack Fresh Cut Cheese Fries

Shake Shack Fresh Cut Cheese Fries

The verdict? Good but not great fresh cut Fries which are certainly better than its predecessor. I have a feeling they will become better as Shake Shack tweaks them. The Cheese Fries is definitely the way to go here. I’m not sure what’s in that Cheese sauce but it does make the fresh cuts more desirable.

Potato + Cheese = Happiness

Get ‘Em Fresh:

Shake Shack – Boca Raton
University Commons: 1400 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431


Shake Shack – Coral Gables
1450 South Dixie Highway Coral Gables, FL

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  1. Burger Belle

    May 21, 2014 at 12:31 PM

    I am headed to the Boca Raton location tomorrow! Will try the cheese and regular fries too with my concrete!