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Uncle Tom's BBQ

I always hope that when someone takes over a restaurant with some history that they not only want to preserve but build on it for future generations. I was ecstatic when I heard that Uncle Tom’s Barbecue was not only coming back but with owners showing reverence to what came before them.

Last time I ate here (5 years ago or so) it was in need of an overhaul. Now, Uncle Tom’s Barbecue has been revamped but with one foot in the past where it made its name as South Florida’s Barbecue place. There was great care taken in the update and I really dig it, now onto the food.

I was with my wife Marcela so I tried to behave when ordering but my instant infatuation with the menu along with the smell throughout the restaurant was making me mad (as in crazy). What we ordered: Fried Wings (not pictured), Street Corn, Grilled Sausages, Uncle Tom’s Chili, Uncle Tom’s BBQ Baker, Bacon BBQ Burger, BBQ Brisket Platter & the Brisket Stuffed Mac & Cheese.

The Wings come in orders of 6 or 12 and are fried. They are not tossed in any sauce. I squeezed some of the house BBQ sauce from a bottle all over a drumette & once my lips made contact I was addicted. Good wings but damn that sauce is where it’s at. The Corn seems to be boiled and then finished on the grill which made it easier to rip the kernels off. The Street Corn was topped with Chili Mayo & Cheese, also good but some heat would have taken it over the edge. The Grilled Sausages were probably the weakest dish, not bad just nothing special going on here. The buttered Texas Toast was great though.

Street Corn w/Chili Mayo & Cheese
Street Corn w/Chili Mayo & Cheese
Grilled Sausages
Grilled Sausages

Uncle Tom’s Chili was not bean heavy which is great for me since I prefer the Chili that way. It’s also got a bit of heat on the tail end which was a nice surprise. And that Uncle Tom’s BBQ Baker is a meal unto itself. The Baker is a Baked Potato topped with Sour Cream, Sweet Butter, Cheese and your choice of protein between Rib Meat, Pulled Chicken or Pulled Pork, I chose the latter. This dish really got me moving once I added some of the house BBQ sauce.

Uncle Tom's Chili
Uncle Tom’s Chili
Uncle Tom's BBQ Baker: Baked Potato w/Sour Cream, Sweet Butter, Cheese & Pulled Pork
Uncle Tom’s BBQ Baker: Baked Potato w/Sour Cream, Sweet Butter, Cheese & Pulled Pork

There’s an Uncle Tom’s Burger which I assumed (not always a good thing to do) was a more basic Burger so I decided on the Bacon BBQ Burger w/Grilled Onions, diced up chunks of Bacon, Cheddar and a BBQ Ranch Sauce (no lettuce, tomato & pickles). There was a beautiful little meat crust hidden under all the toppings filled with flavor. I snuck a bite of the Brisket off of Marcela’s plate and I’m glad I did cause it’s a contending dish for next meal when I return.

Bacon BBQ Burger
Bacon BBQ Burger
Bacon BBQ Burger Closeup
Bacon BBQ Burger Closeup
BBQ Brisket Platter w/ Fries & Cole Slaw
BBQ Brisket Platter w/ Fries & Cole Slaw

I remembered seeing somewhere in social media land the mention and picture of a “Stuffed Mac & Cheese”. I wasn’t leaving without trying it. You can either go the Pulled Pork or Brisket route here, the bite from Marcela’s dish made my decision easy.

Brisket Mac & Cheese
Brisket Stuffed Mac & Cheese

If you’re on death row, offered a last meal and you DON’T choose the Brisket Stuffed Mac & Cheese from Uncle Tom’s Barbecue, well then you just made the last bad decision of your life. Order this, it’s a game changer.

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Uncle Tom’s BBQ
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