Mario’s – Homestead, Florida

a couple of Croquetas

a couple of Croquetas

Do you know what’s really good? The Croquetas at Mario’s.

*Someone out in Social Media land has told me multiple times to check out the Croquetas at Mario’s, that they’re possible contenders for the “Best in Miami”. I was in Homestead getting my Steamed Cheeseburger fix when as I was driving I saw the sign for Mario’s. Sure, I was full but I have a duty to uphold as the Croqueta Ambassador to South Florida to check this place out. One illegal u-turn (Hialeah-style) later I was in Mario’s parking lot.

I order two of Mario’s Croquetas and I spot a Frita on the menu, so there goes my diet out the window.

After one bite the thought crossed my mind that I should have ordered a Croqueta Preparada. By the second bite, I was thinking about whether I should take 10 or 20 Croquetas to go. While my brain was working I somehow ate both of them and I also convinced myself to walk away Croquetaless. The minute I got home I realized that I had made a really bad mistake, I should have taken some to go cause really, those Croquetas were out of bounds. These Ham Croquetas were little filler and full of flavor, I’ll take them any day of the week and twice on Sunday morning with my Pastelitos……brother.

Frita Cubana

Frita Cubana

And the Frita? Well, let’s pretend that never happened.

Eat Meat Sticks:

Mario’s Family Restaurant
1090 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030

*I would love to give that person credit but I can’t remember who it was.