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Have you tried the Doritos Loaded?

Doritos Loaded

I was very intrigued when I heard about this Doritos Loaded that’s available at exclusive 7-Elevens. I went to their website and encountered this description:

Doritos Loaded’s a never-been-done-before, intense, bold snack experience with a crunch. Loaded with warm, melted cheese and encrusted with bold Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor, Doritos Loaded is a nacho cheese snack for the bold.

My first thought at reading this is, did they really need to use the word ‘bold’ twice?

7-11's Doritos Loaded

I walk into my local 7-11 to find out what the deal with these dudes is. I’m standing at their see-through warming case when the seven elevener asked if I wanted to try one. I panicked and said, nah I’ll take two boxes. Two boxes? Huh? Why would I say that?

Each box is $1.99 and contains four little triangles. I pay but not before I pick up one of those Buffalo Chicken Taquitos that I always regret eating after the fact.

7-11's Doritos Loaded

It took one bite to almost put down an entire Dorito. There is no oozing Cheese like the picture on the website and in the ads. The flavor does not resemble Cheese in any way. If you had told me these were Doritos loaded with Veggies I might have fallen for it, but Cheese? Hell no.

7-11's Doritos Loaded

I say skip them, if you’re really hard up for something on the go then hit up Farm Stores. Grab one of their Mini Cones with 5 Taquitos, at least there’s real cheese in those.

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