Top 10 Cuban Milanesas In Miami

The problem with writing about something like a Cuban Milanesa Breaded Steak or Chicken is that it can become very samey. For those of you of you who have never ravaged a Cuban Milanesa steak let tell you just enough to get you started. The Milanesa is normally available in Pollo (Chicken) or Res (Steak). It’s normally pounded thin, seasoned, breaded and then pan-fried. The toppings are normally either Swiss or Mozzarella (I prefer el queso Suizo), Ham and a Red Sauce of some sort. The Sauce can be anything from a type of Marinara to a house sauce.

My earliest memories of eating a Milanesa were from the Latin American that was on Coral Way and 97th Avenue in the center of Westchester during the 80s. If you’ve never had one of these fellas there is one thing to remember, come hungry. They are normally excessive in size and your stomach’s gotta come in prepared for it or at least with someone else to share it. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention) Don’t miss out on the Milanesa de Pollo from El Rinconcito Latino in Westchester. It may have just squeaked into the list as an honorable mention but it is definitely worth a try.

Milanesa de Pollo - El Rinconcito Latino

Milanesa de Pollo – El Rinconcito Latino

El Rinconcito Latino
8488 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144

10) La Rosa near the Miami Airport just makes the cut with its gigantic almost platter sized Milanesa de Res (Steak). The breaded Steak just falls apart when you’re cutting it but because of the size, you’d better eat quickly before the breading gets soggy. This is definitely a job for two people or for someone who hasn’t eaten in a few days.

Milanesa de Res - La Rosa

Milanesa de Res – La Rosa

La Rosa
4041 NW 7th St Miami, FL 33126

9) Villa Habana near Coral Gables is an old school Cuban joint. It’s no surprise they serve up a Milanesa de Pollo (Chicken) just like I remember them from when I was a kid. The melted Cheese makes the Chicken Milanesa look like a sabana (bed sheet) I should be sleeping under.

Milanesa de Pollo - Villa Habana

Milanesa de Pollo – Villa Habana

Villa Habana
3398 Coral Way Miami, FL 33145

8) I’ve never stepped foot into the Latin Cafe right near the Miami Aiport but I have ordered take-out and delivery. What I really like about their Milanesa de Pollo is the thick crusty breading which almost gives the flavor illusion of a sandwich once you bite into it.

Milanesa de Pollo - Latin Cafe

Milanesa de Pollo – Latin Cafe

Latin Cafe
875 NW 42nd Ave Miami, FL 33126

7) The only thing holding back Havana Harry’s Milanesa de Res from making it into the Top 5 of this list is the use of Mozzarella Cheese instead of Swiss and maybe a little crisping of the Cheese. The Breaded Steak alone is excellent and another great choice. I might try asking for Swiss on it next time and see what happens.

Milanesa de Res - Havana Harrys

Milanesa de Res – Havana Harrys

Havana Harry’s
4612 S Le Jeune Rd Coral Gables, FL 33146

6) Molina’s Ranch in Hialeah serves a Milanesa de Res (Steak) which hangs off of the plate. I love the grated and crisped up Cheese on the layers of Cheese. Yes, it’s ridiculous in size but with an equally ridiculous flavor to match.

Milanesa de Res - Molina's Ranch

Milanesa de Res – Molina’s Ranch

Molina’s Ranch
4090 E 8th Ave Hialeah, FL 33013‎

5) You’ve probably driven past Airport Cafe & Liquors in Miami Springs a bunch of times & thought to yourself, there’s no way it has good food. Wrong. The Milanesa de Pollo (Chicken) with its perfectly melted Cheese is one of those dishes that will make you finally stop here and keep you coming back.

Milanesa de Res - Airport Cafe

Milanesa de Res – Airport Cafe

Airport Cafe & Liquors
4427 NW 36th St Miami Springs, FL 33166

4) I’ve loved El Caribe near the Miami Airport since I first ate there when I was a kid. The Milanesa de Res (Steak) was my original go-to dish here but now I’m a Milanesa de Pollo (Chicken) convert. Try them both and you’ll see what I mean.

Milanesa de Res - El Caribe

Milanesa de Res – El Caribe

El Caribe Cafe Restaurant
3965 NW 7th Street Miami, FL 33126

3) The Milanesa de Pollo (Chicken) is the Milanesa to get at Islas Canarias Cafe in West Kendall. Sure, the Steak one is good too but there’s something extra special about the Chicken version. Good luck trying to get to those Black Beans & Rice in the picture.

Milanesa de Res - Islas Canarias Cafe

Milanesa de Res – Islas Canarias Cafe

Islas Canarias Cafe
3804 SW 137th Ave Miami, FL 33175

2) I eat the Milanesas de Pollo (chicken) and Res (Steak) at Luis Galindo Latin American in West Kendall as if they’re going out of style. I have eaten more Milanesas at this location than every other restaurant in South Florida….combined! I do a bunch of take out here too and the Milanesas hold up well.

Milanesa de Res - Luis Galindo Latin American

Milanesa de Res – Luis Galindo Latin American

Luis Galindo Latin American
898 SW 57th Ave West Miami, FL

1) This unassuming looking dish is the best Milanesa de Pollo in all of the land from El Exquisito in Little Havana. The breading is so light, it would easily fit into some soft Cuban bread to make a perfect sandwich. Warning: There is no sauce.

Milanesa de Pollo - El Exquisito

Milanesa de Pollo – El Exquisito

El Exquisito
1510 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida 33135

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