McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie in St. Petersburg & Tampa Area

McDonald's Fried Apple Pies from St Petersburg

Depending on your age the pictures may cause confusion or excitement. In 1992 McDonald’s replaced their fried Apple Pies with the baked ones that can be found on menus today. The baked version was and is nowhere near as good as the original. The texture of the original’s crispy exterior along with the more flavorful apple insides left an impression on me that I never forgot.

There was a period of time that you could find the Fried Apple Pie at the McDonald’s Express in Kendall but it’s been closed for a few years now.

I’ve heard rumors of a McDonald’s in Key Largo that has them but I checked it out, not true.

Where can you get McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies? St. Petersburg,¬†Tampa & surrounding areas.

Oh yes, it still exists

Oh yes, it still exists

The Caspers Company, a franchisee of McDonald’s only serves the Deep Fried Apple Pies at their locations. Please remember that it’s not all McDonald’s locations but only the ones listed¬†here (they no longer serve the fried apple pies). I tried to deviate from this list and found that it is indeed accurate, don’t waste your time driving around.

Just a few left in my bag

Just a few left in my bag

We ordered 9 Apple Pies at the drive-thru and were back on our merry way to Miami.

If you spot any other rogue McDonald’s selling Mr. beautiful please leave a comment below and let us all know.

1661 4th St. S. St. Petersburg FL 33705

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  1. Charlie Kardos


    Tried the Popeye’s NO To the Cinnamon & Sugar ~ It;s the Pie Filling I want to taste after that crunch of seemingly Rice Paper Dough ! There’s got to be a Home Recipe & or Frozen Option to get these (I’ll ship them from Iran) I just want them !! I Can Deep Fry …


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