El Mago de las Fritas 30th Anniversary Party

El Mago de las Fritas' Sign

This Saturday September 13th at 7PM El Mago de las Fritas (5828 SW 8th St) celebrates its 30th anniversary, now that’s gotta be a lot of Fritas!

Much like the crazy 25th anniversary party this is a how dare you missed it affair. How dare you good sir/madam!!! ← Just like that.

If you go now to http://magosabe.com you can pick your tickets for $20 which include unlimited Food aka Fritas and Beer aka Sam Adams brewskis.

Well, why are you still here? Get ta steppin’ , ponte pá tu número and all that good jazz!

El Mago & BB at the 2011 Burger Bash

BB & El Mago at the 2011 Burger Bash