Buchito – Kissimmee, Florida

My wife Marcela and I met up with my friend Marvin to have a late breakfast at a spot he really likes in downtown Kissimmee, Buchito. It wasn’t until we arrived that I really thought about what a great name Buchito is. It’s not used very often but it means “a sip”. So if you want a sip of someone’s drink, you ask for a buchito. Alright, enough with the Spanish lesson, let’s talk about Buchito the shop.

The owner is Cuban and his wife is Mexican. He’s originally from Miami and worked at Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market. He was looking for a change and moved to Kissimmee where he opened up Buchito less than a year ago. It’s mostly a breakfast place with some Sandwiches. Of course, there’s Cuban Coffee and desserts like Flan.

I decide on a Cortadito (a smaller version of a Cafe con Leche) with the Benny Cuban Sandwich. The Cortadito was right on point and the Benny Cuban Sandwich was good. The bread was nice & crusty and the Pork was unreal. He later on brought by some of the Pork in a little bowl for us to try, it was excellent. My only real issue was that they use Mozzarella instead of Swiss.

His wife makes the desserts and it should come as no surprise that I ate the Flan. It had a perfectly creamy texture and wasn’t overly sweet as most Cuban Flans are. It had the best of both Cuban & Mexican Flan worlds.

Buchito - Kissimmee, Florida

Buchito - Kissimmee, Florida

Buchito - Kissimmee, Florida

We were just a few shops down from a great Antique Mall called Lanier’s. Just wanted to give you a heads up too, if you purchase something at Lanier’s you’ll get 10% off at Buchito.

Laniers - Kissimmee, Florida

131 Broadway Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741