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Pincho Factory 627 Ale, A Collaboration With Wynwood Brewing

Pincho Factory - Wynwood Brewing Collab

To celebrate 4 years of business, Pincho Factory has collaborated with Wynwood Brewing on their own beer, Pincho Factory 627 Ale. The “627” refers to the amount ($6.27) of money that was in Pincho Factory CEO Nedal Ahmad’s bank account when they opened their first location in Westchester on November 6th, 2010. Pincho Factory 627 Ale is a Farmhouse Saison brewed with Key Lime peel and Coriander.

More from the Press Release:

When they got together with Wynwood Brewing, they agreed to do a Saison, which Nedal admits to being one of his favorites. “We discussed what we were looking for in terms of flavor profile, drinkability and how we wanted it to pair well with our menu. As a testament to their talent, Wynwood Brewing nailed it on their first try,” said Ahmad. The end result was an unfiltered, golden colored ale with an amazing fruity aroma.

Saisons typically use peppercorn and orange peel, and they are traditionally yeast forward beers, which gives it a spicy/peppery characteristic. “We wanted to incorporate Pincho’s “sazón” with Wynwood Brewing Company’s commitment to tradition. We used key limes instead of orange peels, because we wanted to use something that was local to us. We also included coriander, because Nedal mentioned they use coriander to season their delicious burgers. What we came up with was a 627 Ale, which was slightly spicy,” said Luis Brignoni, president of Wynwood Brewing Company.

A pint of the 627 Ale will retail for $6.27, and will be available at both Pincho Factory locations, just in time for their anniversary on November 6th.

*picture courtesy of Pincho Factory

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