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Top 10 Chicken Dishes in Miami

Top 10 Chicken Dishes

Originally this was going to be a list of the Best Chicken Tenders in Miami but I ended up stuck at 5 so I switched gears. I thought, sometimes I’m not in the beef kind of mental state and only poultry will satiate my cravings. If I had to, gun to head come up with my 10 favorite Chickens in dishes in Miami, what would they be? So here you have it.

The 10 Best Chicken Dishes in Miami are in alphabetical order by dish name.

1) Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Pincho Factory (Coral Gables & Westchester): Most Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches around town are breaded and deep-fried, not this guy. A grilled Chicken Breast topped with Bleu Cheese, Buffalo Hot Sauce, Turkey Bacon on a squishy delicious roll….I’ll take two!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich -Pincho Factory
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Pincho Factory

2) Chicken Crisper Sandwich – The Rolling Stove Food Truck(NO LONGER OPEN): Imagine this my food friends, a sandwich made of Chicken Tenders breaded in Cap’n Crunch Cereal, a house-made Slaw, Cheese & Onions. The regular Chicken Crisper Sandwich is excellent but ask for the off-menu Buffalo Chicken Crisper and have your pants blown off, no hooker needed.

Chicken Crisper Sandwich - The Rolling Stove Food Truck
Buffalo Chicken Crisper Sandwich – The Rolling Stove Food Truck

3) Chicken Parmesan Hero – Kings County Pizza (NO LONGER OPEN): I don’t think you’re ready for the full picture of this beauty and a beauty it is. The first time I ate the Chicken Parmesan Hero from King’s County I got down on one knee and proposed to it. Two years later, we’re still engaged and I get can’t enough of her. Quality ingredients always equal excellent results.

Chicken Parmesan Hero - King's County Pizza
Chicken Parmesan Hero – Kings County Pizza

4) Fried Chicken – Caporal Chicken (West Kendall): There are a bunch of people in Washington Heights, NY who hate us for having their iconic Fried Chicken in our town. Caporal Chicken is open til Midnight so there’s no excuse, you gotta make your late night munchies run for some of their grub. Make sure to post your pictures on instagram & use the hashtag #washingtonheights to make them jealous.

Fried Chicken Breast - Caporal Chicken
Fried Chicken Breast – Caporal Chicken

5) Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders – Big Pink (Miami Beach): MY first thought on seeing the Chicken Tenders at Big Pink was, what kind of Pterodactyl sized Chicken did these come from? These fellas are mammoth, who would have thought I could have snuck in two quasi wisecracks about extinct animals. The Panko Bread crumbs add some crunch to the tenders and that Mustard Sauce for dipping is just divine.

Pank Crusted Chicken Tenders - Big Pink
Pank Crusted Chicken Tenders – Big Pink

6) Polla a la Milanesa – El Exquisito (Little Havana): This pounded thin breast of Chicken, lightly breaded, fried and then topped with the same quality Ham & Swiss Cheese that makes their Medianoche so good is my #1 Milanesa. Alex, the owner from El Exquisito is in love with me so he created a semi-secret version of this in Sandwich form with Cantimpalo (Chorizo)……oh….you better ask for it!

Milanesa de Pollo - El Exquisito
Milanesa de Pollo – El Exquisito

7) Pulled Hen, Buttermilk Dumplings, Zellwood Corn, Fresh Greens & Parmesan Gravy Soup – The Local Craft Food & Drink (NO LONGER SERVED): I could imagine that if I ever found the fountain of youth it would be filled with this soup cause after I had my first cup I was doing one arm push-ups and pull-ups like nobody’s business. I was dancing around like MC Hammer in that Addams Family Groove video. It’s that good.

Pulled Hen & Dumpling Soup - The Local Craft Food & Drink
Pulled Hen & Dumpling Soup – The Local Craft Food & Drink

8) Roasted Chicken – La Brasa Rotisserie & Grill (Westchester & more): I drove by La Brasa a million times before I finally stopped in and was wowed by the rotisserie Chicken. The skin is highly addictive so if you can trick anyone into giving up theirs you should. Do not share.

1/2 Chicken - La Brasa
Roasted 1/2 Chicken – La Brasa

9) Signature Chefen – 3 Chefs & A Chicken (Westchester): Originally, most folks wrote off 3 Chefs & a Chicken as only a Chicken Kitchen knock-off. It is but they’ve done the impossible, bested the original. They use farm raised, antibiotic free Chickens to make their Cheféns (platter of chopped up Chicken Breast & Rice). The Signature Chefén with only Chicken & Yellow Rice is my dish here with a couple of Curry Mustard to drizzle, don’t overdue it on the sauce, enjoy the Chicken.

Signature Cheféns - 3 Chefs & A Chicken
Signature Cheféns – 3 Chefs & A Chicken

10) Special Grilled Wings – Sports Grill (Kendall & more): You can’t mention Chicken without bringing up Wings and you can’t bring up Chicken Wings in South Florida without mentioning Sports Grill. The Wings are fried & grilled, tossed in their Sports Grill sauce then later lightly washed in Worchester sauce, about as perfect as it gets.

Special Grilled Wings - Sport's Grill
Special Grilled Wings – Sport’s Grill

10 Plus 1) Nasi-Lemak (Singapore) – Coconut Rice, Soft Cooked Egg, Grilled Chicken w/Sriracha – FOAR Food Truck(NO LONGER OPEN): Of course I was gonna throw in an eleventh dish. Chicken isn’t the main component of the Nasi-Lemak but a spoonful capturing Rice, Egg, Chicken & Sriracha will make you realize how important it is. Dear FOAR, I am afraid to say Nasi-Lemak for fear of a horrible mispronunciation.

Nasi-Lemak (Singapore) - Coconut Rice, Soft Cooked Egg, Grilled Chicken w/Sriracha - FOAR Food Truck
Nasi-Lemak (Singapore) – Coconut Rice, Soft Cooked Egg, Grilled Chicken w/Sriracha – FOAR Food Truck

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