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Ask The Beast Column #2 November 21, 2014

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Question from @ServantOnIce on Twitter: What are my chances of getting a date with FatGirl Hedonist??

BB: Not likely, plus why would you want to? *She smells like cabbage.

An especially tanned FGH
An extra tanned FGH

Question from cossiewill on Instagram: UM or FSU?

BB: Who serves better food at the stadium?

Question from @ParadiseCups on Twitter: Ever had a PB & Guava Creme sandwich?

BB: Nope and I plan to keep it that way.

Question from Zach Fagenson on Facebook: Which Miami chef would prevail in a guava jelly wrestling deathmatch?

BB: I guess who they were competing against would matter but I’d be all in on Chef Jamie DeRosa of Tongue & Cheek.

Question from @thekingofpersia on Twitter: Can you get the recipe for crab taquitos from Pescados Unidos?

BB: I reached out to Chef Kevin Dreifuss and he gladly sent along the recipe for the Crab Taquitos. It’s a shame Pescados Unidos isn’t around anymore but be on the lookout for his new spot called Hungry Bun’s Craft Sausage & Beer opening in Hollywood, FL soon.

Question from @TheDrillSgt26 on Twitter: How do I make my food truck grow to be the BEST BURGER Spot? When everybody wants a hotdog.

BB: I’d say, shape your Burgers to look like a Hot Dog and give them the best of both worlds. Boom! Please send at least a 10% of Burger Dog sales to Burger Beast P.O. Box 260664 Miami, FL 33126

Question from Butterloaf69 through the BB Blog Form: What’s the best thing you have eaten that is no longer possible to get.

BB: The Flan from Lila’s Restaurant which closed down in 2001. The packaged version that exists in supermarkets nowadays does not taste like the same thing to me.

Lila's Desserts - Flan

Question from Disgruntled in Doral through the BB Blog Form: I was at your recent event Croquetapalooza, and I must say what a great event. I just had one problem. How could you give an award for best Flan to a Non-Cuban? What a disgrace to all Cubans everywhere. usted debe enterrar su cabeza en la vergüenza

BB: Hmmmm……this comment seems to remind me of this oldie but goodie Twitter conversation between Fatgirl Hedonist & Fireman Derek’s Pies:


Question from Josh Pattek through the BB Blog Form: What would you say is the best breakfast spot around with good corned beef hash, and I’m not talking about the canned stuff?

BB: What about Roasters’ n Toasters in Kendall? You see how I answered a question with a question. Do you see how I did that?

Question from Jason through the BB Blog Form: If you could have a meal in any restaurant of your choice in the world…..where would you go and what would you order?

BB: I really regret not eating at Holeman & Finch Public House when I was in Atlanta recently and getting the Burger.

Question from @mklopez on Twitter: Hey @BurgerBeast can you reach out to the guys from old #AGBurgerJoint and find out if they have plans to return?

BB: I asked Chef Alex Parra, owner of A&G Burger Joint and his exact response was “For the moment we don’t have any plans to but maybe next year”. If you’re looking for Chef Alex Parra you can find him at the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro in the Village of Merrick Park Mall.

A&G Burger Joint's A&G Melt
A&G Burger Joint’s A&G Melt, my favorite

* For the record, Fatgirl Hedonist smells like Hialeah not Cabbage.

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