Ask The Beast Column #4 December 3, 2014

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Question from Mandy Baca through Email: Are there any healthy food trucks in Miami? If not, how come?

BB: In Miami proper, there’s Health Nut on Wheels. You can also find Veggie Xpress doing Vegan (my wife Marcela is a big fan) plus there’s a new one that just rolled out recently whose name escapes me. I really don’t think folks in Miami attending a Food Truck event are looking for healthy.

Veggie Xpress Wrap

Veggie Xpress Wrap

Question from stuffwithjess through the BB Blog Form: I live in North Miami and work in the grove. One of my biggest morning issues is finding a place to get a simple and easy breakfast to go on my way to work. Something that takes no more than 7 minutes from the moment i get out of my car and get back. Enriquetas is already a regular spot but parking there is often times difficult.

BB: One key factor missing here is the time frame. Proper Sausages (Miami Shores) opens at 10AM and makes a killer breakfast sandwich. I’m a big fan of the Pan con Tortilla (Omelette Sandwich) from Sergio’s (32nd & Coral Way) and that appears to be in your work route too.

Sergio's Pan con Tortilla

Sergio’s Pan con Tortilla

Question from Kim North through the BB Blog Form: Are the food trucks going to be at art basel on Friday?

BB: You can find a bunch of Food trucks in the lot (210 NW 22nd Ln) run by that weird guy with the pencil thin eyebrows. They’re calling it the “Top 21 Trucks” but in reality, it’s the first 20 Food Trucks to pay $1100 plus plenty of poor quality food in tents Event.

Question from Bobby Ricigliano through the BB Blog Form: Have you ever won an eating contest?

BB: Bobby…..Bobby Ricigliano? Asshole-ay.

Question from CapitanEh through the BB Blog Form: Will there be any more BBtrips in the future? Those pics from your last one looked heavenly.

BB: Wow! You’re going way back, almost 5 years. It’s kinda funny you ask that cause I’d really like to do another one and have been heavily considering buying a Shuttle Bus. This question might be just what I needed to push me into doing it.

Burger Tour 2010 - Back of T-Shirt

Burger Tour 2010 – Back of T-Shirt

Question from amante de la hedonista through the BB Blog Form: Mr. Beast, I have been trying to meet Fat Girl Hedonist for years now and have been unsuccessful. Can you give me some tips? Where does she hang out? Can you give her my number? Also, do you know if she has webbed toes? I’ve always wanted to be with a woman with webbed toes and if she does, lordy it would make my day!

BB: As is evidenced by all the Fatgirl Hedonist questions I receive, apparently she’s got a bunch of folks obsessed with her. I’m not giving you shit but she does indeed have webbed toes and a black heart. Alright, I changed my mind, here’s her #786-476-8197

Croquetapalooza Host, Croqueta Eating Champion Zavier Grcia & Fatgirl Hedonist (webbed toes not showing)

Croquetapalooza Host, Croqueta Eating Champion Zavier Garcia & Fatgirl Hedonist (webbed toes not showing)