Hialeah, Meet Uncle’s Tom’s BBQ

Uncle Tom's BBQ in Hialeah

Uncle Tom’s BBQ is coming to Hialeah at 22nd & Palm Avenue. As soon as I have a date or any more information for you, I’ll update this post.

In the meantime keep trekking to the original Uncle Tom’s BBQ spot.

*picture courtesy of a friend willing to turn around just to snap it for me


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  • I was a Koky’s devotee for many, many, many years. A whole BBQ chicken was less expensive, and much more delicious than the same bird at Publix. But seasons change, and Koky’s is no longer there. I saw the new Uncle Tom’s BBQ in Hialeah, and
    decided to give it a try. Fool me once……never again. Worst meal that I can ever remember. The “half chicken” must have been handicapped, or a cornish hen. But maybe this was a blessing in disguise. I passed on the BBQ sauce because I wanted to taste the chicken, and I am watching the calories. The chicken was so over cooked and dry, that it was difficult to swallow. The fries were undercooked, soggy and not hot. and the coleslaw……tasted more like dessert. More sugar than I consume in a week.
    I tossed the fries and the slaw, and choked my…err…on the chicken.
    Uncle Tom’s BBQ in Hialeah…..never again.

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