Ask The Beast Column #5 December 10, 2014

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These are all real questions, none of them were created or sent in by me. It would be kinda ridiculous for me to send in questions.

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Question from Cristina through the BB Blog Form: Hi! So my question is about mac & cheese. My husband still dreams about the jalapeño mac from the former Smoke’t on US1, and claims that no one else’s has ever come close. Should he get over it? Should we try and get the recipe out of the chef? Or do you have a favorite mac & cheese that might make him forget about Smoke’t altogether?

BB: Let’s answer this multi-parter together.

  1. It’s good to dream.
  2. He should not get over it but keep that in a special place in his gut.
  3. If you know the Chef I’d ask him for it. I’m pretty sure he’d be happy to hand it over. If not f’ him.
  4. I’ve got two Mac & Cheeses that you should try, one in North Miami from Vega’s Burger Bar and another from That One Spot in Ocoee (near Orlando).
Vega's Burger Bar's Mac N Cheese in the front, Chili in the back, Mix for an unbelievable experience

Vega’s Burger Bar’s Mac N Cheese in the front, Chili in the back, Mix for an unbelievable experience

Grandmas Mac & Cheese w/Bacon & Jalapeño from That One Spot

Grandmas Mac & Cheese w/Bacon & Jalapeño from That One Spot

Question from ciento treinta ocho through the BB Blog Form: Royal castle or Krystal? Which is better?

BB: If you know me I’m all about the locally owned Food scene and Royal Castle is part of that history. It’s not a tough choice, just take a look at both Sliders below. Which would you rather have?

Krystal Slider

Krystal Slider

Royal Castle Slider

Royal Castle Slider – BB’s Choice

Question from Kali Bensaadon through the BB Blog Form: Why does Randy Fisher hate croquetas?

BB: Randy Fisher produces amazing events throughout the United States with his company CREaM (Culinary Related Entertainment and Marketing) including the legendary Burger Bash at the South Beach & NYC Wine & Food Festivals. Now that I’m done giving his company a plug I can answer the question.

One day I noticed Randy didn’t share my enthusiasm for the Miami Icon, the Croqueta. He does not hate Croquetas but I don’t think he understands the fascination people in Miami have with them. This led to a “Randy Fisher Hates Croquetas” rant at my birthday party in front of my friends and family.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t attend Croquetapalooza for fear of what could happen in front of all of those Croquetaholics when I was on stage. He claims that he couldn’t make it because it happened to coincide with the NYC Wine & Food Festival, a likely story. To think he scheduled those events the same week as Croquetapalooza so he could get out of it is unbelievable.

Thanks to Kali, Senior Partner at CREaM for sending this in. Oh, and yes, Randy Fisher Hates Croquetas. Spread the word. Use the Hashtag #randyhatescroquetas

Randy Fisher Hates Croquetas

Question from Alex Blanco through the BB Blog Form: Have you ever eaten at Alabama Jack’s? You have to try the chilicheese fries.

BB: Wait a second, isn’t that a Seafood place? Chili Cheese Fries huh? Next time I’m down in Key Largo I’ll go there just for that.

Question from Brenda through the BB Blog Form: Have you tried Category 3 burgers? Excellent!!

BB: I can’t say that I have.

Question from Jean through the BB Blog Form: Yo Beast! I work in Downtown and I’ve been hankering for a solid bowl of chili. Is there such a place in existence around here that would do me right?

BB: Do you right? Are we really talking about Chili here? If The Filling Station had not closed down I would have sent you to have a Bowl of theirs and we would have been rejoicing right now. Another great option would have been Tobacco Road but then again, they’re gone too. So I’m gonna have to cheat & send you to Brickell to have the Home-style Texas Chili from Burger & Beer Joint.

Question from Jason Schoendorfer through Facebook: Do you know anything about the 109 Burger Joint opening up in the old A&G spot? Specifically if anyone from A&G is involved? I sure am craving a croqueta burger but I’m afraid this might be some knock off crap.

BB: The 109 Burger Joint is owned by family of Alex Parra, the Chef & creator of A&G Burger Joint and their Burger creations. The relationship breakdown between them caused the closing of A&G Burger Joint. I don’t want to get into specifics since they went to court over the situation.

Question from Wil Wheaton through the BB Blog Form: Dear Sire Beast, If the Miami Food scene were a comic book what would be the super powers and cryptonite of the following characters? Fat Girl Hedonist Michael Schwartz Lee Schrager Nedal Ahmed Mercy (El Ray) Richard Hales Jim Heins Gretchen Schmidt Steve Simon Mrs. Beast That creepy guy with the pencil thin eyebrows

BB: Great question but bad spelling of Kryptonite. It’s obvious whoever wrote this knows me well since the folks were all great choices.

Let’s do this.

  • FatGirl Hedonist (Blogger) – The power of Chonga-ness, weakened by Fine Dining Food Bloggers
  • Michael Schwartz (Chef) – The power to turn everything into gold, weakened when restaurants not named after him
  • Lee Schrager (Founder of SoBe & NYC Wine & Food Festivals) – The power of dynamic event ideas, weakened by the thought of too few people in SoBe White Tented events
  • Nedal Ahmad (Owner of Pincho Factory) – The power of connecting with people, weakened by the thought of A&G Burger Joint’s Nica Burger
  • Mercy Gonzalez (Owner of El Rey de las Fritas) – The power of positivity, weakened by El Rey de las Frita copycats
  • Richard Hales (Owner of BlackBrick & Sakaya Kitchen) – The power of flavor, weakened by twitter battles with other Asians
  • Jim Heins (Owner of Latin Burger & Taco Food Truck) – No lo conozco
  • Gretchen Schmidt (edible South Florida) – The power of spreading the local love, weakened by the thought of a comb
  • Steve Simon (Food Truck Invasion) – the power of spreading food trucks events throughout all the land, weakened by dealing with the food truck owners throughout the land
  • Mrs. Beast (aka my wife Marcela) – Hell no, I’m not answering this one.
  • That creepy guy with the pencil thin eyebrows (That creepy guy with the pencil thin eyebrows) – The power of thinking the Mana lot in Wynwood is made of gold, weakened whenever he hears the truth

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