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Ask The Beast Column #6 December 24, 2014

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These are all real questions, none of them were created or sent in by me. It would be kinda ridiculous for me to send in questions.

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Question from Lauren through the BB Blog Form: One day in Orlando with nothing to do… where do I eat? I probably can’t through every spot on your “2 Days in Orlando” post, but they all look awesome. Thanks

BB: I’m gonna have to agree that the 2 Days in Orlando post might be a little excessive. It would really depend on what you’re looking to do but if the plan is just to fill up at one spot I’d definitely suggest the Hash House a Gogo. If you want a great Burger with a hard rock ambience check out the Oblivion Taproom. Pig Floyd’s opened up recently and is definitely worth the drive.

Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict from Hash House a Gogo
Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict from Hash House a Gogo
Half a Rack Ribs from Pig Floyd's
Half a Rack Ribs from Pig Floyd’s

Question from Felipe Alvarez through the BB Blog Form: Have you had a cronught? Can one be had locally without going to Epcot?

BB: Were you a part of the local education system? …And to answer your question, Sure. Cronuts can be found at Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines and Rhino Doughnuts in Ft. Lauderdale. I suggest you call ahead to make they have them available.

Rhino Horn, theRhino Doughnuts version of the Cronut
Rhino Horn, the Rhino Doughnuts version of the Cronut

Question from Mario Bava through the BB Blog Form: Why do you hate Asians?

BB: Mr. Bava I’m a big fan of your films. My first thought is why would an Italian Director who created such atmospheric Horror Movie classics like Black Sunday and Kill Baby Kill care about whether I hate Asians. I don’t hate Asians but I do dislike Asians who are taller than 6 feet, they are an anomaly and we need to put a stop to it.

I’m not even sure why I answered that question since it had nothing to do with food but you should track down the trailer for Kill Baby Kill.

Question from J. Wellington through the BB Blog Form: Marry Fuck Kill
Michel Sanchez
Jim Heins
David Garcia

BB: J. Wellington……I see someone is trying to make a funny. J Wellington = Wimpy of Popeye’s fame. I understand the question and see that you mention Michell Sanchez of Latin House and David Garcia of La Camaronera but I don’t know who that third person is. It wouldn’t be fair to answer cause all that would happen is he ends up getting fuck’d. P.S.: This is a thinly veiled plot to make you look up the name to someone I don’t particularly care about.

Did you know? There is a Burger chain called Wimpy in the United Kingdom. It was founded in the United States at Wimpy Grill in 1934.

Here is a Wimpy's Coffee Jar from the 1940s that I own.
Here is a Wimpy’s Coffee Jar from the 1940s that I own.

Question from Fernando l pineda through the BB Blog Form: Where is the best salmon burger in Miami

BB: There is no such thing. Please stop blaspheming.

Don't You Blaspheme In Here! - Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers
Don’t You Blaspheme In Here! – Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers movie

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