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Fritanga Caña Brava – Little Havana, Florida

Fritanga Caña Brava - Miami, Florida

My wife Marcela is Nicaraguan which means two things. First, I’ve eaten from way more Fritangas than your average Miamian. Secondly, there’s little credence placed on my thoughts about Fritangas (Nicaraguan quick service-style restaurant). So of course when I spotted Fritanga Caña Brava and mentioned it to my wife I was shot down, not one but multiple times over the course of a few months.

Then one afternoon Marcela calls me and asks if I’d like anything from this “NEW” Fritanga that she and her family have discovered. This “NEW” Fritanga is, of course, Fritanga Caña Brava. This is my Groundhog’s Day situation that I’m doomed to repeat forever.

On the first visit to a new Fritanga, I always order a pretty standard Carne Asada, Gallo Pinto, Queso Frito & Tajadas (thinly sliced longwise & Fried Green Plantains).

Fritanga Caña Brava - Miami, Florida

Fritanga Caña Brava - Miami, Florida

Fritanga Caña Brava - Miami, Florida

Please realize that this is a cafeteria type of set-up where everything is in steamer trays.

The Carne Asada is always a hard Medium Well to Well Done. You can either accept this fate as I have or you can order to your liking which will definitely prolong your order and possibly cause a revolt with the folks waiting behind you in line. The Carne Asada was great, nice, soft and well seasoned.

Queso Frito
Queso Frito
Carne Asada & Gallo Pinto
Carne Asada & Gallo Pinto

The Gallo Pinto is some of the best I’ve had in town and they didn’t over-fry the Queso Frito which sometimes can leave it very stiff.

Best of all Fritanga Caña Brava is only a mile and a half from my house which means I’ve got one more spot close to me worth eating often at.

Yes, Do It To It:

Fritanga Caña Brava
2795 Northwest 7th Street, Miami, FL 33125

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