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Super Arepa – West Kendall, Florida

Do you know what’s really good? The Cachapa at Super Arepa

You may be asking, what in the world is a Cachapa? Most Venezuelan quick service restaurants or food trucks serve this delicacy. It’s can easiest be described as a Pancake made of Corn filled with Queso Queso de Mano/Queso Guayanés and some slathering of Butter. I know that variations exist but this is the one I have encountered at multiple spots in South Florida.

The Cacahapa or Super Cachapa as its known at Super Arepa was excellent. It was nice and buttery with the right amount of corn flavor. The Queso Guayanés had just a touch of saltiness and was in that perfect state where cheese is not totally melted but almost has a marshmallow consistency to it. Highly addictive.

It’s almost impossible to stop yourself from eating an entire one. It will take some willpower and the person you’re supposed to be sharing it with to put the kibosh on your total Cachapa domination. Too bad, so sad.


Don’t miss out on the Chorizo Pepito, a sandwich filled with Cabbage (or Lettuce & Tomato), Ketchup, Parmesan Cheese, Potato Sticks and Special Sauce on a Baguette. Yes, I skipped out on the garbage I mean Cabbage, not a fan.

It was a great sandwich with bold flavors, not made for everyone’s tastes. I’m not much of a Ketchup guy but it worked and is definitely worth ordering. If Chorizo is not your thing, there are Beef, Chicken and Pork versions too.

Chorizo Pepito
Chorizo Pepito
Chorizo Pepito
Chorizo Pepito


Super Arepa
14417 SW 42nd St West Kendall, FL 33175

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