A Fuego Alto’s Mayo Burger Tour in the Dominican Republic

Mayo Burger Tour

My buds over at A Fuego Alto are going to be having some fun coming May (National Hamburger Month) with their Mayo Burger Tour. A Fuego Alto is a Dominican Food Blog and Mayo refers to the month of May, not the condiment.

They’ve got more than 25 restaurants lined up in the Dominican Republic which will be participating. When the Mayo Burger Tour is all said and done there will be some Burgers you’ll need to add to your Burger Bucket list.

Each restaurant will be able to to present a Burger in one or more of the following categories: Clásica (Classic), De Autor (Gourmet), Urbana (Urban) and on the final week A Fuego Alto’s followers can choose la Hamburguesa de la Gente (Burger of the People).

A panel of judges comprised of well know Dominican Chefs, Bloggers and 3 “Burger Masters” (fans of A Fuego Alto) will be selecting the winner(s).

If you’d see what happens with the Mayo Burger Tour all you’ve got to do is make sure you follow A Fuego Alto on Twitter and Instagram.

I will be.