Burger Beast in Escapism Magazine

Last November (2014) writer Hannah Summers & her friend Tom came over from the United Kingdom for a visit to Miami. Hannah’s plan was to write a story about Miami Food for Escapism Magazine. My plan was to show her around what I call the “Real Miami”.  Our 3-day adventure became the story which is now entitled “Burger King”.

Not all of our stops made it to print but she did do an excellent job of capturing the essence of what happened during those three days in November.

You can read the “Burger King” below.

Miami - Burger King P1

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Miami - Burger King P2

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Miami - Burger King P3

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Miami - Burger King P4

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Read the .PDF: Burger King

If you’d like to follow Hannah, check out her blog “Burgers and Bruce” where she talks about her love of Burgers and Bruce Springsteen.