Frita Showdown Returns Wednesday August 12th

Frita Showdown

I love Fritas and I’m sure you know that by now. On Wednesday August 12th from 7-10PM, my 3rd annual Frita Showdown brought to you by Downstairs Markets & presented by and featuring beef provided by Schweid & Sons returns to Magic City Casino at their Cafe overlooking the iconic track.

El Rey de las Fritas, the 2013 and 2014 Frita Showdown winner return to defend their title against Bongo’s Cuban Cafe (Hollywood), Daddy’s Grill (Hialeah), El Mago de las Fritas (West Miami), Frita’s Cuban Burger Cafe (Key West), Josh’s Deli (Surfside) and Pincho Factory (Coral Gables & Westchester).

2015 Frita Showdown

The all inclusive tickets ($25 for a limited time) will get you mini Fritas from all of the competitors plus drinks and snacks from Botran Rum​, 3:05 Cafecito​, Cawy Bottling Co.​ (Jupiña & Materva), Fireman Derek’s Key Pies’ Flan, Ironbeer​, Latin American Bakery & Cafe’s Croquetas​, PG Bakery​, Pico Factory and Vicky Bakery’s Pastelitos.

The Best Frita en el Mundo will be chosen by a group of esteemed judges: NBC 6 South Florida​’s Kelly Blanco, Miami Springs Mayor Zavier Garcia, Tongue & Cheek​’s Jamie DeRosa and The Miami Herald​’s Evan Benn.

Every attendee will get one vote for the Downstairs People’s Choice Award so you must remember to use your vote wisely.

Tickets are all inclusive and will sell out just like 2013 & 2014. You heard it here first: http://fritashowdown.com