Ten Best Things I Ate In 2015

This past year (2015) I ate so many great things and it was hard to make a list of just 10 things. I added, deleted and then added again but I’m confident that these were the 10 Best Things I Ate in 2015.

Crackers Casual Dining‘s Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Cake (Miami Springs) – There’s a different Cake made in house daily at Crackers but if you can get your hands on this one, make sure to not only order it but to take home a slice for later on. There was a Cupcake version served at their Mother’s Day Brunch too.

Crackers Casual Dining's Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Cake

Crackers Casual Dining’s Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Cake

FINKA Table & Tap‘s Grass Fed Oxtail w/Mushroom Risotto (West Kendall) – Most people can’t believe that I like Oxtail, those folks include my Mom and FINKA owner Eileen but guess what? I do. The Grass Fed Oxtail at FINKA is served on a bed of Mushroom Risotto which is about as comforting as it gets.

FINKA Table & Tap's Grass Fed Oxtail & Mushroom Risotto

FINKA Table & Tap’s Grass Fed Oxtail & Mushroom Risotto

HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Pops & Knaus Berry Farm Collaboration at SugaPie (Food Truck & Homestead) – I had no idea when I suggested that HipPOPs & Knaus Berry Farm collaborate on a dish for SugaPie that we’d end up with such an incredible POP……but we did. It was Cinnamon Gelato with Knaus Berry Farm Rolls, drizzled with house-made Cream Cheese & POPed with Caramelized Pecans

HipPOPs & Knaus Berry SugaPie Collaboration

HipPOPs & Knaus Berry SugaPie Collaboration

La Fresa Francesa‘s Croque-Monsieur (Hialeah) – I haven’t had many Croque-Monsieurs in my lifetime as I’m not really one to visit French Bistros or Restaurants. I could probably count them one hand. A regular ole Ham & Chee? Those I’ve had so many that I could probably circle all of Tropical Park with them. Getting back to the topic at hand, it’s awesome as is pretty much everything else on their menu.

La Fresa Francesa's Croque Monsieur

La Fresa Francesa’s Croque Monsieur

The Local‘s Disco Fries (Coral Gables) – The Fries are fresh cut as the earth intended and then topped with Miami Bacon Sawmill Gravy & House Whiz which must be some code word for Crack. No really, I dare you to have just one.

Disco Fries

The Local’s Disco Fries

Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria‘s Deep Dish Pizza (Kendall & Pinecrest) – If I hear one more person tell me that all the Pizza in South Florida is horrible I’m going to stuff their face with a Slice of the Deep Dish from Manhattan Chicago. And once they’re done eating it I’m going to ask for an apology. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Chicago Manhattan Pizza - Deep Dish

Chicago Manhattan Pizza – Deep Dish

Mr. & Mrs. BunsAji Gallina Bites (West Kendall) – I’m not sure that I can heap enough praise on these bites of Shredded Chicken. They’re lightly battered and fried and not heavy on the stomach. Serve me up a bucket of these and I’ll forget that Fried Chicken even exists.

Mr & Mrs Bun's Aji Gallina Bites

Mr. & Mrs. Bun’s Aji Gallina Bites

Palomilla Grill‘s Ropa Vieja Croquetas (Flagami) – Ropa Vieja is not one of my favorite Cuban dishes, it’s not even in the Top 20 but somehow these Ropa Vieja Croquetas have won my heart. They’re served with a Soy dipping sauce if you’re into the whole sauce movement. Here’s an expert tip, grab one of the complimentary Bread Rolls, butter it up and stuff one of these guys in there. You’re welcome.

Palomilla Grill's Ropa Vieja Croqueta

Palomilla Grill’s Ropa Vieja Croqueta


Swensen‘s Eggs in a Basket (Coral Gables) – This dish will be available at next week’s Brunch Menu on Thursday, December 24th. I used some of my connections to sample and this thing is a meal in itself. The Eggs in a Basket is a beautifully buttered & toasted Brioche bread with a runny Egg cooked into it sandwiching a bunch of Sausage Gravy. It is very rich and I highly suggest you share it. I’m not kidding unless you’d like to take a nap afterward.

Swensen's Eggs in a Basket

Swensen’s Eggs in a Basket

Wholesome RollersWisconsin Butter Burger (Food Truck) – At last, a real Butter Burger! The fresh, never frozen Burger Patty is cooked to your preferred temp, topped with a thick slice of Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese & a slab of Butter on a Pretzel Roll. This is another heavy duty decadent dish that I suggest you share but I understand if you don’t, I couldn’t do it.

Wholesome Roller's Wisconsin Butter Burger

Wholesome Roller’s Wisconsin Butter Burger

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