What Happened To Food Blogging?

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What Happened To Food Blogging? I find myself asking that question too much lately. Back in September 2008 when I wrote my first post as Burger Beast (with that horrible picture you see up above from my Razr phone) there were 5 Food Blogs that I followed/existed (All Purpose Dark, Blind Tastes, The Chowfather, Mango & Lime & Miami Dish with Frodnesor’s Food for Thought appearing a few short months after mine.

All of that initial crew seemed (I could be wrong, you never know) to have gotten into food blogging to spread the word about the food and restaurants they loved. It was that common bond that made me look forward to wanting to meet the few people in South Florida who would understand the trials and tribulations of this relatively new food blogging thing that was getting disrespected everywhere by “legitimate” food writers.

It was cool when I finally ran into one of them at a restaurant (like happened with Paula from Mango & Lime at Fatburger in Coral Gables) or even to meet up at some spot for a late lunch like Steve (Blind Tastes) and I did at a Food Truck in the lot of Shell Lumber in late 2009.

Then Social Media happened but to be honest, initially Facebook was so great for my blog. Imagine being able to post a link and all of your “Fans” seeing that post as opposed to today’s Facebook where you’re lucky if 5% of them see it.

Twitter shows up on the scene and everyone is taken by it. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it but even now it’s still not my favorite. It is by far the best way to carry a conversation though.

I really think when the tide changed for the worse or best depending on how you look at it is Instagram‘s arrival. I remember the 2010 SoBe Burger Bash and being one of only a handful of people posting on Twitter. Flash forward to the most recent one and it’s impossible to get a picture of the stage without a hundred hands in the air with their phones.  Now what does this have to with blogging? The event is now everywhere as it happens so a recap about it the following day on a blog rarely generates much interest anymore.

With Instagram it’s become about how many “likes” and how many free meals you can dupe out of some PR agency. And to top it off now you’ve got these characters on Instagram going around and using terms like “Micro-Blogger” and or as I call it, too fuckin’ lazy to write a blog.

For me it’s pretty black or white, either you create original content and write a blog or you don’t.

Now, will all the “real” Food Bloggers please stand up?

Burger Beast

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5 thoughts on “What Happened To Food Blogging?

  • February 2, 2016 at 11:00 AM

    Great post Beast. Something I’ve been thinking about recently and here’s the conclusion I’ve come up with.

    Miami doesn’t have a lot of media outlets (in the food realm) so remember that PR people, whose job is to get their clients exposure any way shape or form invite these peeps that just Instagram. They don’t go through the headaches we do w/ hosting sites, branding, creating long form content, etc…. But at the end of the day, does it matter? If I get 500 page views today but 2K on Instagram, then what’s better for the fans/followers? We get more comments and more of a “viral” reach on IG w/ people tagging other friends than we do on our sites. So in a weird way, I totally get it…

  • February 2, 2016 at 8:59 PM

    Standing up.
    Twitteo killed the bloggio star.
    Twitteo killed the bloggio star.
    Instagram, more reach by far.
    Twitteo killed the bloggio star.

  • February 3, 2016 at 7:40 PM

    I’ve been wondering lately what happened to the hamburger blogs. Had about 7 across the country just to see what’s happening with the burger scene and now it seems like there’s only a couple of them left. Even you Beast have cut back on the burger reports and report more on Mexican food.

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