Every Dawg Has Its Day, Jersey Dawg Retires

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg at Arts Park

I remember driving out to a gas station to eat from Jersey Dawg on its first day if not, one of its first days of business. I was ecstatic that someone had finally brought New Jersey favorites like Sliders and Rippers to South Florida at last. I wasn’t disappointed and instantly hit it off with its owner Rob Goodman.

I always thought of Jersey Dawg as the little truck that could. He won one of my 2015 Burgie Awards for Best Hot Dog and then did the unthinkable, won the Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Award at the 2016 South Beach Wine & Food Festival. He had a great supporting cast of folks cooking at Burger Bash that included Fred (El Rey de las Fritas), Alex (Palomilla Grill) and Josh (Poblanos Mexican Fusion Truck).

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg wins 2016 Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Award

With winning the award comes the added pressure of proving you were deserving and having a plan to next level your business. It took some months after the win to evaluate what Jersey Dawg had become, where it was going and where it needed to go.

I don’t think Rob ever imagined in his wildest dreams that he’d win Burger Bash and it changed everything. Maybe it wasn’t fun for him anymore, I’m not sure he didn’t say exactly what it was but I respected his decision when he called to tell me he was retiring Jersey Dawg.

It had a good run and left a lasting impression on the South Florida Burger scene, not many people can say they accomplished that.

Here are some of the favorites that were served out of that Jersey Dawg window:

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg’s Chili Cheese Fries

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg’s Chili Cheese Onion Ripper

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg’s Chili Cheese Slider

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg’s Slider

Jersey Dawg

Jersey Dawg’s Taylor Ham & Cheese Ripper

Fries topped w/Taylor Ham

Fries topped w/Taylor Ham, Chili & Cheese

Remember, it’s not goodbye but til’ next time.

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  1. callmetrip


    I passed by there for months. Now I’ve confirmed the bad news. Those fries were from god.


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