ITO Mojitos & Cafecitos – Miami Beach North, Florida – CLOSED

ITO is located at the bottom of a hotel in the North part of Miami Beach. It has a parking area separating it from the Beach but this is the part of Miami Beach that I like, not filled with sunburned tourists.

ITO Menu (click to enlarge)

I take a seat at one of the outdoor tables and without even thinking about it I order one of each antojito or “appetizer” for those of you not hip to the lingo.

I’m by myself and I’d like to make it to the Burger I ordered so it’s slow and easy time with the apps.

My thoughts on each one:

CroquetasSo good I invited them to participate in the upcoming #SoBeWFF Croquetas and Champagne event

Queso Frito (Fried Cheese) – Can’t miss, not the first time I’ve had this combo but it’s great

EmpanadasNever had Aji Amarillo Chicken in Empanada form before, it works

YucaProbably my least favorite of the five antojitos but still pretty good

Sweet PlantainsPlatanitos (Plantains) + Queso Fresco (Cheese) + Guava + Bacon = Must order

Serrano Ham Croquetas w/Blueberry Jam

Queso Frita w/Guava Sauce

Aji Amarillo Chicken Empanadas w/Cilantro Aioli

Yuca Bites (stuffed w/Queso Fresco) w/Cilantro Aioli

Sweet Plantains w/Queso Fresco on Bacon Guava Sauce

I wasn’t expecting much from the Burger but I perked up when I saw that it had Miami Smokers’ Bacon on it. What really sold me on the absolute awesomeness of this Burger was the Roasted Pepper Aioli with Caramelized Onions, they’re a one-two punch which I had no problem being knocked out by.

Billy Burger w/Miami Smokers Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Colby Jack Cheese & Roasted Pepper Aioli

I didn’t actually get to try this as I ordered it for my wife. I had them plate it and then pack it up…I know….what a pain in the ass I am. Hey, at least I got a great picture out of it.

Churrasco Steak w/Malanga Puree, Flamed Cherry Tomatoes & Chimichurri

I struggled but made it to dessert. I really needed to tag someone in but at least I was able to make some room for one Guava & Cheese Donut…..glad I did.

Guava & Cream Cheese Donuts

You’ll notice that I didn’t have a Mojito or a Cafecito from ITO even though the name implies that you probably should enjoy one or the other or both. Why didn’t I? Cause I’m a rebel Dottie….cause I’m a rebel.

Time For A Visit:

ITO Mojitos & Cafecitos is CLOSED
7450 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach, FL 33141

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  1. thebulldog

    January 18, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    will definitely try!