Burger Beast’s National Burger Month Columns on Miami.com

I had been speaking to Miami.com for what seems like forever about partnering up in some form. I’m not exactly sure how we decided that National Burger Month would be the time but I did suggest that every Monday would be good, giving me 5 full posts to flesh out my ideas. National Burger Month is serious business to me as you’ll read.

All 5 are listed below by the date they were posted online and with the corresponding link taking you to what I wrote.

May 1st5 Things You Should Do During National Burger Month: http://www.miami.com/miami-restaurants/national-burger-month-burger-beast-on-where-to-eat-159494/

May 8th5 Historical South Florida Burger Joints: http://www.miami.com/miami-restaurants/burger-beast-recommendations-for-burger-month-160286/

May 15th5 Most Miami Burgers: http://www.miami.com/miami-restaurants/five-most-miami-burgers-for-national-burger-month-161098/

May 22nd5 Restaurants with Unexpectedly Great Burgers: http://www.miami.com/miami-restaurants/the-5-best-burgers-at-non-burger-joints-in-miami-161598/

May 29th5 Next It Burger Joints: http://www.miami.com/miami-restaurants/best-new-burger-joints-in-south-florida-burger-beast-says-162319/

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