Butch’s Famous Burgers, Chili & Dogs – Ft. Myers, Florida – CLOSED

Whenever I’m going to go on a road trip I make sure to mention it on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) in the hopes that someone might mention a spot that I don’t even know about. I’d say about 99 times out of 100 I know about the restaurants suggested. Butch’s Famous Burger, Chili & Dogs was of the 1% and I have Michael Spurling to thank for the suggestion, so thanks, Michael.

My bud John and I walked in having pretty much memorized the menu we had seen online.

He went straight for the Cheddar Skirt Burger, the Polish Sausage (he skipped out on the grilled onions and went straight brown mustard) and the Onion Strings as a side.

I, on the other hand, did a straight up Double CheeseBurger with Grilled Onions & Yellow Mustard, Chili Cheese Dog and fresh-cut Fries.

Butch’s Famous Burgers Menu (click to enlarge)

John made the mistake of not asking whether the Burger came topped with Lettuce & Tomatoes which added the task of picking out those pesky little pieces of grass. If you’re not familiar with a Cheddar Skirt Burger, it’s a thing of beauty. While the Burger is cooking on the flat-top a mound of Cheddar Cheese is dropped on the Burger which when melted creates a “skirt” of crispy Cheese around the Burger. I’m pretty sure I only heard chewing and breathing coming from the other side of the table while John was in Cheddar Skirt eating mode.

There’s not much to say about the Polish Sausage other than it was perfectly cooked and was as expected. The Onion Strings, yeah those things were good.

Cheddar Skirt Burger

Polish Sausage

Onion Strings

My level of excitement could not be contained when I saw this misshapen beauty sticking out from the bun. Then I thought, where’s the Cheese, Grilled Onions, and Mustard? The top patty was like a shield over the mid-layer Cheese & Grilled Onions and the second layer under the bottom patty which also had the Yellow Mustard. “What a great Burger,” was all I could think while eating it.

The Chili Cheese Dog did not disappoint and the fresh-cut Fries reminded me of the ones my Mom would make my sister and me when we were kids aka awesome.

Double Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions & Yellow Mustard

Chili Cheese Dogs

Fresh Cut Fries

We were stuffed and then remembered we might want to take something back to the crew we were staying within Naples. We had read about some Tavern Burgers as a special when placing our order. The Tavern Burgers are Butch’s version of a slider but his are not a patty but Loose Meat. Loose Meat for those who have never heard the term is pretty much-seasoned ground beef but not in patty form, hence the loose. When we ask about the Tavern Burger he offers us one to try and we order 10 to go believing that it must be crave-able.

Yup, we were right.

One last thing, Butch’s Famous Burgers, Chili & Dogs is only open Monday – Saturday from 11AM-3PM. You need to find the time to check this place out, I’m glad we did. We drove an hour through a massive rainstorm to get to Butch’s and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Make It Happen:

Butch’s Famous Burgers, Chili & Dogs is CLOSED
4521 Bayshore Rd North Fort Myers, Florida 33903