Valento’s Pizza & Hoagies – Naples, Florida

As my friend John and I driving to Pastrami Dan’s, we see a rather large advert about Pizza Slice & a drink which hooks both he and I. After shoveling a couple of Pastrami Sandwiches we head over to Valento’s. I’m just hoping that they have a have a half decent slice. The night before we had ordered from another Pizza Joint which was a supreme disappointment.

The worst thing best thing that happened was that I took a good look at Valento’s menu instead of just grabbing a couple of slices. Next thing I know I’ve ordered Crinkle Cut Cheese Fries with house-made Ranch Sauce, Meatball Hoagie and a Chicken Parm.

The Fries come out first and all I can remember is how incredibly great that house-made Ranch Sauce is. I would drive here just for that Ranch, you get my drift?

The Cheese Slice arrives and it doesn’t look like a regular Pizza. The crust is more like a mix of Cracker and NY-style, very interesting and different. The Sauce and Cheese on it are great, no complaints here but I need to do some toppings next time.

The menu mentions the Meatball Hoagie being Grandma’s Secret Recipe homemade Meatballs with fresh Red Sauce, Garlic Butter & Mozzarella Cheese. Grandma…..please adopt me.

Now here’s the real star of the show, the Chicken Parm. It’s pretty bold of them to proclaim “The #1 Chicken Parm in the state of Florida.” on their menu. I’m not sure if that’s true since I haven’t tried every single Chicken Parm in the state of Florida BUT…it is most definitely the real mother f’in deal. Everything about this sandwich is perfect from the breading on the Chicken to the bread. It’s mind-blowingly good and you can quote me on that.

Loaded Fries with house-made Ranch Sauce

Cheese Slice

Meatball Hoagie

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm beauty shot

What a freakin’ find this place is but I’m sure the Naples natives know about it since it’s been around over 5 years. I’ll be back with army next time, we’re trying everything on the menu if it kills me.


Valento’s Pizza & Hoagies
21 9th St S, Naples, FL 34102