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Arbetter’s Debuts All Beef Deep Fried Hot Dog

Let’s get this out of the way first, I love Arbetter’s.

Arbetter’s opened up in 1959 on Flagler then moved 8th Street and 58th Avenue (sharing a space with a Dairy Queen). A second location came later in 1963 at a former Dairy Queen (9000 Bird Road) spot down the street from its current and best known home (a former Arthur Treacher’s) where it’s been since 1972. There were other locations in Hialeah (1977), North Miami (1978) and Cocoa Beach (1983). The Cocoa Beach Arbetter’s  is still open but has nothing in common other than the name.

If you haven’t been to Arbetter’s in the last few months there’s been so really cool changes happening but nothing that affects the old school vibe of the place. You’ll just have to drop in to see the subtle but great changes to the inside and the new mural on the back side of the building.

The best thing to come out of the updates is the addition of a beef dog to the menu made by Sabrett. There is also the option to have the beef dog deep fried.

I tried both versions and found that the deep fried version works betters without the chili cheese. The Chili seems to overpower the flavor of the beef dog. It was perfect with just some onions and mustard though.

Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Beef Dog
Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Deep Fried Beef Dog
Onion Mustard Deep Fried Beef Dog

People have raved to me about the Kraut Dog at Arbetter’s but I’m not a big sauerkraut fan. Plus, Arbetter’s Chili is stupendous and I’m not planning on passing that up.

The regular menu is still going strong and you MUST have the Chili Cheese Fries, it is second to none.

Regular Menu:

Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Regular Dog
Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Spicy Relish Regular Dog
Corn Dog
Chili Cheese Fries

Got some extra time? Read my original post about Arbetter’s.

The Westchester Icon:

Arbetter’s Hot Dogs
8747 SW 40 Street, Miami, Fl 33165

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