Night Owl Cookie Co Ice Cream Cookie Bowls

If you haven’t heard by now, Night Owl Cookie Co. debuted their new Ice Cream “Cookie Bowls” last week.

It’s a pretty simple operation really. You pick your favorite Cookie which frames the inside of the container then choose Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream and finally it’s garnished with piece of a Cookie.

The combinations are pretty endless and I’m sure more Ice Cream flavors will be added as time goes on. The only drawback is you must order this at the store but really when you think about it, it’s better that way.

Do you really want that Uber driver making a bunch of stops as your ice cream melts?

Night Owl Cookie Co’s Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Bowl

Remember, it’s only available at their storefront:

Night Owl Cookie Co.
10742 SW 24 St Miami, Florida 33165