Empire Bagel Factory – Marco Island, Florida

My family tries to hit up Marco Island for a week every summer. We go into hiding and spend our days obsessing over where to eat. I’m usually the first one to wake up so I’m the one out there looking for the breakfast goods. I’m currently on a bagel kick so Empire Bagel Factory fits right into my current situation.

It’s a few minutes before 7AM when I walk into Empire Bagel Factory. There’s one customer reading his morning paper and enjoying his coffee. I’m assuming he was enjoying his coffee, I didn’t really ask him but it makes for a better story.

I’m looking over the menu trying to figure out what have when I spot the Jalapeño Asiago Bagel. By the way, Empire Bagel Factory is only open till 1PM but there is also a lunch menu if that’s your thang. The Egg Sandwich calls to me so it becomes a Jalapeño Asiago Breakfast Sandwich with egg, bacon and white American cheese. I try to tack on the Cinnamon Rolls but there are none available, bummer.

I take a seat with the sandwich and a latte just a couple of tables over from the other fella, not next to him (I hate people who do that). I remember just two things, the first and last bite. The first one thinking how incredible this sandwich was and the last one regretting that it was coming to an end.

A half-dozen bagels hitch a ride with me for my trip back to my tribe along with three vanilla and three chocolate doughnuts. Everyone raved about the bagels, the flavored cream cheese, and the doughnuts, in particular, the vanilla one.

Empire Bagel Factory's Egg Sandwich on Jalapeño Asiago Bagel

Empire Bagel Factory's Vanilla Doughnuts

On our last day in Marco Island, everyone stopped at Empire Bagel Factory for a to-go breakfast and some bagels to take back home. Yeah, they’re that good.

Join the empire:

Empire Bagel Factory
277 N Collier Blvd # 1 Marco Island, FL 34145