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Limited Edition Frita Cubana Pin & Limited Run BEAST Shirt

El Rey de las Fritas

This is pin number 3 in the Miami series created by Chat Chow TV), the Frita Cubana pin is available exclusively here on the Burger Beast blog. You can grab the other two at my bud’s site: Martha of Miami (click to visit site)

305 of these bad boys are being made. They are engraved with the number on the back of the enamel pin. The Frita Cubana enamel pin is 2.3cm wide and $10 plus shipping.

Please go to the Burger Beast Store

We did a small run of these BEAST shirt in late 2014/early 2015 and ran out. We printed only 50 in a variety of sizes and when they sell out well…they won’t be back for a while. $15 plus shipping.

Please go to the Burger Beast Store

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